Pink Peppermint Travels: 77 Days of Summer across Europe

travelers tips for visiting London Paris Rome

11 weeks, 77 days, 1848 hours.

At the beginning of June, my family and I embarked on a journey of a lifetime.  As luck would have it, a unique situation at work- timed perfectly with the end of the school year, allowed our family to truly use the world as our classroom for the summer.  We planned for MONTHS.  We have traveled extensively in the US, and through some of Canada, but trying to prepare for a trip of this magnitude with very little experience traveling in Europe was a big undertaking.  Just the basic logistics of transportation and housing were somewhat overwhelming.  By the numbers we visited 11 countries, 21 cities, and countless hilltop towns.  We slept in 24 different hotels, apartments and rental homes, took 7 international airplane rides, 3 international train rides, rented 3 cars, and took hundreds of underground, taxi, uber, and bus rides.  We wore holes in shoes, grew out of clothes (not from eating! ;0) and averaged over 6 miles of walking a day. Whew!

travelers tips for visiting London Paris Rome

Over the next couple of months I look forward to sharing our experiences, and some of the 20,000+ pictures I took with you.  I’ll share the good and the bad, and the tips and tricks we learned along the way.

Have a great Friday!


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2 thoughts on “Pink Peppermint Travels: 77 Days of Summer across Europe”

  1. Oh . my . goodness! Somehow I had no idea you were gone this long! What an amazing experience for you and your family! I cannot wait to hear about your adventures 🙂

    • ok good, Sarah! That means I did a good job of staying up and running without letting on I was gone. 😉 I was a little worried to let people know I was MIA for that long!! 🙂


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