Lemonade Stand for Charity Ideas : The Wounded Warrior Project

The kids (particularly Ash) has been begging all summer for a lemonade stand and bake sale.  Like any good mom, I have been dragging my feet and keep putting it off.  It sounded like a lot of work for me, only to earn them money to buy a bunch of junk…you know…all those little trinkets in the dollar bins at Target and gum and candy.  Don’t get me wrong…I am all about them learning to earn their own money and buy things themselves, but I wanted them to get a little bit more out of the experience.   I’ve been wanting to give them a service opportunity this summer…a chance to think about doing something for someone other than themselves, and when we were brainstorming things to do, it hit me that I could combine two great things that we wanted to accomplish this summer into one fun activity.  A lemonade stand for a charity.  Growing up near and now living even closer to Camp Pendleton, as well as having a very good family friend currently serving in the Marines, we have always been supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project.   So, this summer we decided to do bake sale/lemonade stand to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.  If you are on the hunt for some Lemonade Stand for charity ideas, I hope this helps! 🙂

lemonade stand for charity ideas

lemonade stand for charity ideas

lemonade stand for charity ideas

I really wanted the kids to take charge and run things to the best of their ability.  Sometimes it’s hard for mom to stay out of the way…especially with glaring signage misspellings…but that’s part of the charm, right? 😉

lemonade stand for charity ideas

I love having these old antique tables hanging around the house…they make such cute lemonade stand tables. 😉 . I literally just grabbed a few things out of the garage and set this up in about 20 minutes.  So easy!

lemonade stand for charity ideas

We always color coordinate our uniforms of course. 😉

lemonade stand for charity ideas

lemonade stand for charity ideas

Social media was awesome in spreading the word.  People posted on their channels and it really helped our little charity fundraiser raise tons of extra dough.

lemonade stand for charity ideas

You can find these printables over in our Etsy shop for your own Lemonade stand.

lemonade stand for charity ideas

It was  huge success thanks to the wonderful people in our neighborhood that came out to support the kids…and it was also a ton of fun!  I think we had as many kids wander over to start helping yell and attract customers as we had people buying the lemonade and treats.  The spirit of giving was contagious.  People that didn’t even want lemonade stopped to donate money.  It was amazing.  You know that I can’t pass up any opportunity to have some fun…or a chance to take some cute pictures of the kids, so we had to doll it up a bit.  Plus that helps to drive business. 😉 . A bunch of fun people coming together to do something good while eating cupcakes and lemonade…sounds like a party to me!

Tons of fun all for a good cause.   If you’d like to learn more about the Wounded Warrior Project you can check them out here:

Wounded Warrior Website

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originally published on Tammy Mitchell Designs in August of 2012


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