The Best Halloween Costumes and Deals for the Family

Do you like to dress up for Halloween, or is that reserved strictly for your kids?  I have been searching for the best halloween costumes, and is it just me, or do you blush when you are shopping for Halloween costumes…especially once you get into the teen and women’s costumes?  Seriously…what is up with the half naked Halloween costumes?  The closer Ash gets to being a teenager, the more I notice just how embarrassing so many of them are.  And don’t even get me started on having a teenage boy and having to take him to the Party/Halloween store this time of year.  YIKES!!  Time for a blind fold!

I have rounded up the best Halloween costumes that are a non-offensive.  They won’t make my little girl look like she’s not a little girl, and they won’t make my son turn bright red when I sport one come Halloween night. 😉  Almost all of these are under $50, and I have owned almost all of them…it’s funny how they are still my favorites even after all these years.  Almost all have free 2-day shipping, so you can have them on your doorstep in time for all the pumpkin patches and Halloween carnivals that are about to start!

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1. I am trying to steer Ash towards something pretty like this Goddess costume this year.  It is always so hot here, she can get away with something made for warmer weather.

2. Love this Disney inspired costume for the mamas

3. A MONKEY!  These plush costumes for babies are my favorite

4. I love to wear something fun all day on Halloween when I’m out running errands, picking the kids up, etc.  This is a GREAT all-day costume!

5. Maybe Ash and I can match this year in our Greek Goddess costumes?

6. Alice in Wonderland is always a hit…maybe you have a Mad Hatter that you can double with?  Love the flattering length on this one.

7. Something a little spooky.

8. Ashley loves the Pikachu.  With the popularity of Pokemon Go this year, I’m guessing we’ll see a lot of these.

9. Dorothy is always cute and classic.  Ash had this exact costume when she was 4 and it is SO cute!  Target usually carries the little red glitter shoes around this time too.

10. A cute minion costume for mom.  This one would be easy to put together on your own too.

11. This lion gets me every time.  Andy was a lion when he was 6 months old and he was so snuggly!

12. We don’t do masks, and boy costumes can be hard to find without one.  This Harry Potter costume was Andy’s pick last year.

13. I love this sweet Tootsie Roll costume.

14. Have dad dress up like a chef and carry this little lobster around.

15. I have always wanted Ash to dress up like Audrey.

16. Two years ago Ash wore this Super Girl Costume.  All of the girls on the street dressed up like different super heroes and it was really cute.  We bought some fun red boots to wear with it.

17. A Jedi…always Andy’s favorite…anything Star Wars for that matter.

jedi best halloween costumes

18. This is a pretty little peacock.

19. If you do allow masks, this clone trooper is a fun boy costume.

20. My favorite little ladybug.  I will forever love this cute little costume.


ladybug best halloween costumes

Happy Halloween shopping!


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    • Thanks so much Katie! I agree! I still love to dress up and have fun and my kids love seeing me get into the spirit too! 🙂
      Have a Happy Halloween!


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