Best Warm Baby Halloween Costumes

Where we come from in Orange County, Halloween is a BIG deal.  Like REALLY big.  As a matter of fact, it was voted the #1 place in the state of California to celebrate Halloween.  Yep.  That big of a deal. 😉 One of the factors that I’m sure helps, is the fabulous weather in Orange County in October.  We never had to give a thought to our Halloween costumes – we could wear whatever we wanted because the weather would allow for it.  Our first Halloween here in a cold climate was a total bust.  We had ONE trick or treater and it was freezing.  Poor Ash was dressed in what we thought would be a warm costume, but apparently it wasn’t warm enough and it ended up covered by a coat the whole time.  She was disappointed to say the least.  Well, this year I am trying to be better prepared!  So I thought I would put together some warm Halloween costumes options for those of you that are in a similar situation…and let’s face it…that’s most of the country! 😉 

Warm baby halloween costumes

Some of these warm Halloween costumes are as little as $14!  Now that is a steal!  I love that these baby halloween costumes cover their whole body, including their little heads to keep them toasty.  These are all plush baby costumes, so they have plenty of extra room for layering underneath too.  Yay!  (affiliate links are included in this post)

My top five favorites?

  1. This little lion
  2. The sweet peas…I mean…too cute!
  3. The Fox
  4. Sully…adorable
  5. The skunk…I’ve always thought skunks are some of the cutest animals, stinky, but darn cute! 😉

I figured the easiest way to share these cute baby Halloween costumes is over on my Amazon storefront.  I am terrible at making good use of this awesome storefront, but I am trying to be better.  It is so convenient and a great place for me to gather all of my favorite Amazon finds in one spot to make it easy for you to shop.  This is what the storefront looks like as of now…

Amazon Influencer storefront

I’ve actually added many things to this page over the last year, I just always forget to tell you guys about it.  lol! You can see I have  my favorites divided into sections to hopefully make it easy for you to find what you are looking for.  I will be adding more sections and products regularly.  I just added the new section “best warm baby Halloween costumes” to share all of my favorites.  When you click on the section it will open up like this:

baby halloween costumes

I love that it shows you all of the best pictures, with pricing info and whether or not the baby Halloween costume is available with Prime (my favorite!). That makes shopping a breeze! I mean look at all of those warm Halloween costumes for under $20.  Such great deals!  I will say, you will want to order your baby Halloween costumes early because they do tend to sell out quickly, and early on in the season.  So if you have something specific in mind, it wouldn’t hurt to order it now.

I hope these cute costume ideas help keep your little warm and allow them to show off their adorable Halloween costumes all at the same time!  If you have a puppy, be sure to check out these hilarious costumes for dogs too!

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Happy Shopping!




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Warm baby halloween costumes

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