Cutest Halloween Costumes for Dogs

I admit it, I have become one of “those” people. Yes, the kind that buys costumes for their dog. Ever since Jack joined our family earlier this year it’s been almost like having a new baby…and now, a toddler that walks around without a diaper on and speaks only Chinese. 😉  He has doctors appointments and babysitters.  He gets new toys and specially approved snacks.  And now that it’s almost Halloween, he’s getting a costume.  We can’t resist.  He might actually get multiple because…well…they are too funny. 😉 Do you dress your pet up for Halloween?  Well, take one look at these cutest Halloween costumes for dogs (some are for cats too) and you probably will be this year. This post contains affiliate links.

halloween costumes for dogs


Let’s face it, you put your dog in just about any costume and it could be considered a funny dog costume.  Can you really take any dog seriously dressed up as another animal or a person?  I think not. 😉  I was going to break these down by size, but fortunately almost all of the ones I am featuring here are available in several sizes, so even if a small dog is pictured and you have a large dog, be sure to check, because the halloween costume is probably available in other sizes.

Whether you have a dog or not, this post is sure to give you a good laugh. I had a little too much fun putting this one together.  Click on any image for more information (pricing, sizes etc.) for each dog halloween costume.

The best news about all of these hilarious halloween costumes for dogs, is that almost all of them are under $15, and there isn’t one over $20…so you can have some fun and not break the bank.  Which one is your favorite?  We bought a sombrero for Jack at Walmart a week or so ago, but now I’m thinking he needs the lion mane after seeing that one on a golden.  He’s a white golden maybe it wouldn’t look as funny.  The UPS guy is my other favorite.  Something about those pant legs that go on their front legs…SO funny!
If my dad had a dog, he would for sure either be in the Spock costume or Yoda.  We watched more episodes of Star Trek when I was growing up than I care to remember. 😉
Sir Barks A Lot would probably be the most fitting for Jack at this stage right now though. Man!  He barks at everything…and nothing! lol!  I just love the name too.


When we first bought Jack the sombrero he could not stand it.  We’d simply pick it up and he would run away.  Now, after a week or so of putting it on him regularly for a few minutes at a time, he has slowly warmed up to it and will leave it on as long as we’d like.  We still don’t have him wear it for long stretches because we don’t want him to get tired of it, but he will happily let us put it on him and wear it around.  If you are thinking about getting a costume for your dog, I would say buy it as early as you can and practice with them.  Let them get used to it so by Halloween they will love wearing it.  Lots of praise and a few treats every time you put it on go a long way too. 😉 . Several of these are close to selling out it says, so I would buy now if you are worried about getting one. 🙂
I hope you get as big of a kick out of these halloween costumes for dogs as I did.
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Featured hilarious halloween costumes for dogs

2 thoughts on “Cutest Halloween Costumes for Dogs”

  1. Ha! I am totally one of “those” people as well! I have a golden retriever and we dress her up for Halloween each year. She doesn’t love it but I think she tolerates it because we always laugh so hard. She’s quite the ham. I have already started thinking about her costume for this year. I am sure she can’t wait…

    • lol! We just got our English Cream golden and I am dying to dress him up! lol! I want to see a picture of your girl all dressed up! 🙂


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