Pink Peppermint’s Picks: Halloween Costumes for Girls

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Halloween is absolutely one of my favorite times of year…but costume shopping stresses me out a little.  Am I crazy?  I love looking through all the cute options and then I have a tough time picking…fortunately she’ll still let me give her my opinion…I know those days are limited!  She is pushing a bit for Elsa this year, but I’m a bit resistant…I like for her to be something a little more unique…if for no other reason than it makes her easier to spot amongst the crowd of Trick or Treaters! 😉  I rounded up my favorites of the ones I’ve seen this year to share.  No matter what age your little is…there is something cute here for you. 🙂  The best part?  Most of these are under $40.  I couldn’t even buy the supplies to make them for that price! 😉


(click on the image for more information)

I am thinking she needs the Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume. A few years ago she was that darling bunny. I would have her do that again if she’d let me! It was SO cute!

Good Luck with your costume shopping!


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