Pink Peppermint’s Picks

Happy Wednesday!  It is cold and dreary here today.  Snow has started falling in the mountains up above us and all I can think about it staying warm, dry and cozy.  You’ll definitely see that reflected in this week’s Pink Peppermint’s Picks! 😉 . I hope you enjoy them!  As always, affiliate links are included, so click on any item to find out more about pricing etc.

1. These candles…oh I have so many of them. They come in the most delicious flavors and make your whole house smell like you want to eat it. They have scrumptious fall scents perfect for this time of year.

2. I’m starting to think about Thanksgiving and we need some chairs! These blue chairs are the cutest, and right along the lines of what I’m thinking. The price point is not bad either.

3. Love this cute drawstring bag. It is big enough to hold everything I need, but not huge. The color is perfect for all of your fall outfits.

4. The color blocking on this mock neck sweater is so pretty! Love it paired with those olive pants. I like the unusual color combo and the varied textures.

5. Living in a rainy climate in the fall, I have learned to LOVE my Sperry’s. They come in so many fun colors and patterns and are super practical along with being cute!

pink peppermint's picks

So, there you have it! This week’s picks! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! 🙂 . Happy shopping!

Pink peppermints picks oct 10 2018

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