Grab and Go: Quick and Delicious Smoothie Recipe for those busy mornings

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Now that school has been back in session for awhile I finally feel like schedules are becoming more routine and we are all adjusted back to regular life.  It always seems like a full month before we are really in the swing of things, and once we are finally settled, it feels really good!  It’s hard getting there though! 😉  Is it like that at your house?  My son is at a new school this year which necessitates a LOT of driving, which means we have to leave pretty early every morning.  That seems to put us in a bit of a rush in the mornings and breakfast is usually what suffers.  So, I had to do something about it.  I started whipping up smoothies every morning.  A five minute…throw a bunch of good stuff in the blender, a bunch of fruit, some SunnyD, Greek Yogurt (sometimes even spinach) whip it up and run out the door routine.  It’s a breakfast that makes me feel like I’m being a bit of a better mom…especially since my boy is not a big fan of fruits and veggies.  Somehow, when those fruits and veggies are blended into a drink, they magically become delicious and he’ll drink it down no problem. 😉  An added bonus?  After I make my smoothies, I can redeem the SunnyD UPC labels for books!  This is the 9th year SunnyD has been running their Book Spree program, and as a HomeSchooler, I love that I am eligible to participate too, I can get up to 20 books a year for our home classroom.  It’s easy for you to help collect books for your child’s classroom too.  Just collect SunnyD labels and send to your child’s teacher. Teachers will then send the labels into SunnyD to get free books. For every 20 labels received, SunnyD will donate 20 free books. (expires on 11/30/15 or while supplies last)

It is SO easy to make this smoothie!  Here’s what you need, nothing fancy, just all ingredients I can pick up during my weekly shopping trip at Albertsons…

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16 oz SunnyD (choose your favorite flavor…I’ve tried it with both original and Citrus and they both taste great)

1 cup of Plain or Vanilla Flavored Greek Yogurt (adds a great richness and protein)

8-10 Frozen Strawberries

A handful of Blueberries

1 cup of other frozen fruit to your liking (I use a tropical blend of mango, pineapple and papaya chunks)

options to add:
1 banana

handful of fresh baby spinach (this will give the smoothie a brownish color, but it is nearly tasteless and the kids won’t even know it’s in there! ;))

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Blend all of the ingredients on high speed for about 30-45 seconds.  If it seems like it’s not blending well, just add more SunnyD to the mix until you get the consistency you like and it moves freely in the blender.  To serve, since we are usually grabbing it on the go, I have disposable insulated cups I picked up that come with lids.  I put the smoothie in one of those cups, along with a straw, so it’s easy to drink and mess free for in the car.  If you have an opaque cup, it’s even easier to sneak the spinach in the recipe because they never see what color the smoothie is. 😉

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My kids love these so much they often ask for them for after school snacks too.  We have been going through tons of fruit…and I love it! 😉

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Do you have a favorite recipe?  I’d love to know about it!  Leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!   You can join me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for more fun ideas about food, design, travel and entertaining.  Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of the post) so you don’t miss a thing!

Have a great day!


This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and SunnyD, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #keepitsunny


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