The 20 Best Flush Mount Lights Under $100

When we first started the renovation of our 1987 Fixer Upper, we had a budget (of course) but there were a few things I may have overlooked. 😉  One of them being the fact that we would need 22 new flush mount lights (not including the fun lights for rooms like the dining room, kitchen etc.)  Twenty-two!!  That is a LOT of lights!  While originally I had my heart set on some of these beautiful lights and this one…the reality that I need 22 lights which is crazy expensive quickly set in and I needed to find cool looking, yet inexpensive lights for the majority of the rooms in the house.  So, I have spent an insane amount of time searching for the best flush mount lights under $100.  I have rounded up my favorites for you here, so if you need some pretty flush mount lights for your home too, hopefully this will help! 🙂


(Click on any affiliate image link for more information and pricing on specific lights)

I am splurging on lights for some of the rooms, don’t get me wrong!  I’ll be back with my round up of the best flush mount lights in other price ranges soon!

Have a wonderful day and happy shopping!

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