Awesome Boy Bedroom Ideas

A month or so ago when Andy was away at camp, I finally had a chance to get in to that room, deep clean it and decorate it.  Ever since we moved in it’s just been a hodge-podge of junk.  His headboard wasn’t attached, he didn’t have a bedskirt…no window coverings…it was looking pretty rough. 😉 Since he is heading into his senior year, I really wanted to make sure he spent his last year at home feeling like he had a completed space.  I always struggle with older boys spaces.  Awesome boy bedroom ideas are harder to come by than girl bedroom ideas I think.  It’s especially hard finding cool stuff for teenage guys rooms when they are older teens, and you are definitely more limited in color options.  Not much has changed as far as his likes and dislikes since we did his room in CA, so that made it a bit more of a challenge for me too.  I wanted it to feel older and different…but he wanted it basically the same.  So, I did my best to come up with some awesome boy bedroom ideas that would feel like an older teen space, while still maintaining the look and feel of his bedroom back home.  Affiliate links are included in this post.

Awesome boy bedroom ideas


I have spent the last few months really searching for some fun boy bedroom design ideas.  It seems as though in my search I was constantly finding super cute boy bedroom ideas for little guys, but nothing really for teenage guys.  The other struggle has been that a lot of the rooms I do see feel kind of “theme-y” a Star Wars room, a basketball room etc.  While he LOVES sports (especially baseball) and Star Wars I didn’t want it to feel super juvenile or themed.  I wanted a room that felt more modern and like it was 17 year old boy age appropriate.  I also wanted to stick to a reasonable budget. 

Awesome boy bedroom ideas 3


As I thought about the design for his room and what he really needs/uses, I realized we had most of the pieces he needed already.  Hooray for that!  His room is one of the smaller bedrooms in the house, so it doesn’t need a ton of furniture.  We’re also not people that spend a bunch of time hanging out in our individual rooms.  We are always on the main floor in the family room, so creating a “hang-out” space isn’t that big of a deal in his room.  He definitely needs a desk for homework, a chair, a few drawers and of course a bed

awesome boy bedroom ideas

He could probably use a bigger desk, but that doesn’t really fit in this room, so we made do with the cute desk that we love.  Other than that we simply added this amazing looking (and super inexpensive) bench and I have a small bedside table coming for the other side of his bed.  When you are designing a teenager’s bedroom, or any room for that matter, try and think of how they will really use the space.  If you have been living in the home for awhile you have an advantage because you know how they use it…where they like to sit, where their messes collect etc.  All of these insights help aid you in the room design.  


Finding cool stuff for teenage guys rooms is kind of like a treasure hunt.  You know I always like to personalize a space by bringing in elements that have some special meaning to whoever lives there, so digging through Andy’s drawers and using some of his existing decor from the last room worked out well here too.

Awesome boy bedroom ideas 2

Teenage Boy Room Bedding

I personally never like to use bed sets, I would rather create something custom by mixing and matching sheets and blankets etc. to create something fun.  For Andy’s room we went with mostly gray bedding.  I love these pin striped sheets because they are a subtle reminder of baseball.  This blanket adds great texture and lightens up the bed and is the perfect amount of warmth for a summer night. The duvet is a pretty gray. 

awesome boy bedroom ideas

I layered it with this cute blanket for some added pattern and texture at the end of the bed.  We used these pillows in his old room, and I still like them, so we kept them for now, and I added these patterned pillow covers.  I have my eye on some other pillow covers, but I like the leather and again, the nod to baseball.   I’m really happy with the look of the bed and the layered, modern feel it has.  

Awesome boy bedroom ideas 4

Teenage Boy Room Decor Ideas

Andy has always been a collector of bobbleheads, tickets, hats and other memorabilia, so I wanted to incorporate these things into his room.  The hats were easy wall decor.  I used these hooks and didn’t even have to put a nail in the wall.  

While he has quite the collection of bobbleheads, I knew that if I used too many it would look cluttered and junky.  We picked three to display, and if he wants to, he can rotate them with others throughout the year.  Instead of leaving his ticket collection as a jumbled mess in a drawer, I put them all in this glass jar that now sits on his dresser.  A few books, frames filled with favorite pictures of friends, and desk accessories that are both useful and look good round out most of the accessories.  

Awesome boy bedroom ideas

I found this awesome canvas of the beach at HomeGoods.  It reminds us of home in Orange County and works well with the rest of the decor.  

Greenery is SO important!!!  It makes any room come alive.  The awesome fiddle leaf fig was another HomeGoods find and the other plants were collected from Target and TJ Maxx.  I knew nothing actually alive would work in here because it doesn’t get enough sunlight and would get neglected…so faux plants for the win! (You can read about the most realistic artificial plants for your home here if you have a black thumb like I do! ;))

awesome boy bedroom ideas

This bench is my favorite new piece in the whole house.  It fit perfectly in this room.  I love the leather look (which ties in nicely with the leather pillow on the bed) and I love that it gives him a place to sit and put shoes on in the morning when he’s getting ready for school, and on the rare occasion when he has a friend or two over that head up to his room, it’s extra seating.  I added a few of these throw pillows that I love.

Wall Art for Teenage Boy Bedrooms

You probably can’t see them well enough in these pictures, but these pictures on his wall have special meaning to Andy too. This boy LOVES Disneyland.  He has been a passholder since he was 6 months old and has spent the better part of his childhood visiting several times a month.  He even took classes there when we homeschooled.  Since he could talk he has said he wants to be a Disneyland Tram Driver when he grows up.  On his 2nd birthday we spent the day riding the tram back and forth from the parking garage to Downtown Disney…never even going inside the park…he just wanted to ride the tram. lol! These pictures are of the Happiest Place on Earth.  Simple pictures that I have taken over the years on our visits.  I printed them in black and white so they look more sophisticated and all work together, and then framed them in these awesome gallery frames.   I want to add a few more, so next time we visit I have a few shots in mind I want to take.  Especially with the new Star Wars land open!  Art doesn’t have to be expensive and prints right out of your camera are a great way to personalize any room.  Simply print them all in black and white to make them look cohesive. (If you need wall art for a teenage girl bedroom, check out this post.)

awesome boy bedroom ideas

So, there it is!  The new teenage guys bedroom design for Andy.  He loves it…I can tell because he always wants to show these pictures to people…which makes me happy to know he likes it so much.   I still want to add that bedside table, and those other pictures to the wall, but other than that, I think we are finished!

I’ll add links and info to all of the products that I used here, click on any image to get more information about the product, but be sure to come join me over on RewardStyle too where I try to keep updated posts of everything I am using the decorate the house.


Walls: Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams at 25%

Trim, Ceiling and Wainscoting: High Reflective White by Sherwin Williams

Doors and Closet: Repose Gray (at 100%) by Sherwin Williams

Thanks for visiting the blog! I’ll be back next week with the before and after construction images of this room. Be sure to come see those!🙂 You can find our most up to date home tour here, and all the posts on our remodel here. Have you signed up for our newsletter? Don’t miss out on getting all of the latest from Pink Peppermint Design delivered right to your inbox. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter and get access to our entire library of over 50 free printables. And, if you’re on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest come join me there too. I love to share tons of daily inspiration.

Happy Designing!


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Awesome boy bedroom ideas

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