Study Space Ideas & Tips for Creating a Great Homework Spot

As much as I don’t want to face it, it’s time for back to school. Boo!  I love nothing more than the care-free, schedule free days of summer.  We jokingly refer to school as “learning prison” in our house and we all feel a bit sad when the last week of summer rolls around.  Even though we aren’t fans of homework around here, when it comes time for the kids to really buckle down and study, we have found that having a desk in each of their rooms is really a great way for them to have their own quiet spot to concentrate and get things done.  Creating a good study space is essential to helping the kids be productive and allowing each of them to work in their own way without bothering each other. Here are some study space ideas and tips for creating a great homework space. Affiliate links are included in this post. 

Study space ideas

Choose a Good Location for Your Study Space

While we don’t usually hang out in our bedrooms in our family, they have proven to be a the perfect location for individual study spaces in our home. The kid’s bedrooms are a great place for them to be able to buckle down and be in an environment that suits their needs. While Ashley’s room is on the bigger side, Andy’s room is very average, if not small, which can make it a challenge to find and create a nice looking, functional work space and a desk that fits in it.  You may have heard me talk about this desk before.  It is the one that is currently in Andy’s room and we love it.  The surface space isn’t huge, but the shelf above the writing space is the perfect spot for a task light, pencil cup and clock.  All great essentials for his work area.  Here are a few of my favorite kid’s study desks for small spaces that are stylish and functional:


All of these cute desks are perfect for a bedroom.  They are almost all under 40 inches wide and would do a great job doubling as a side table for a bed to help conserve space.  Many of them are on sale and a great deal too! Click on any image for more information about dimensions, availability, pricing, etc.


Master bedroom desk

Have Good Lighting

Bright computer screens and books with small print make reading difficult if you don’t have good lighting.  A study space with great natural light during the afternoon is a wonderful idea if you can make it work, but every study space will need good overhead and task lighting for those late nights of cramming.  Here are some of my favorite task lights that are perfect for study spaces:

Chelsea high line hotel 2
Find and organize supplies

Nothing makes trying to complete an assignment more frustrating and less efficient than having to hunt for supplies when you need them.  Try to think of what supplies your student will need and a way to keep them visible and/or easily accessible.  Tape, scissors, extra pencils and pens, a pencil sharpener, erasers, markers, a ruler…these are all good things to start with.  Make sure to have a trash can handy to help keep the space tidy too.  

cute room ideas for a teenage girl

Desk | Chair | Message Board | Desk Organizer | Task Lamp | Globe | Curtains

Use a Message Board

Notes, deadlines and important reminders can be easily misplaced if there isn’t a designated spot to put them.  A pin board gives your student a place to put those important things to help keep them organized and prevent them from getting lost.  We love this cute board in Ashley’s room.  She likes to personalize it with favorite quotes and pictures of friends too. 

Summer home tour 3

Choose a Comfortable Chair

You want your study space to be comfortable to enable your child to sit for longer periods of time while they complete their work.  The chair you use should allow them to rest their feet flat on the floor and their elbows on the desk without having to hunch over. 

I hope that these easy study space ideas and tips are inspiring you to create a spot for your kiddos this school year.  It’s amazing how much more productive they can be in the right environment.  

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Study space ideas

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