Creating a Home Office in a Pinch

A few days ago I realized that my typical work from home set up was not going to work for John. I typically work wherever I want because I am usually the only one home. While we have a few desks in the house, nothing is really set up as an “office” at this point in time. I designed an office space right off the entry way when I was remodeling this house, but the built-ins aren’t in yet and we haven’t actually done anything with that space since I have been using it as more of a studio/photography space for the past 18 months. After a week and a half of bouncing between our bedroom, the kitchen table and the family room, it was disrupting all of us and definitely him. He is on the phone 75% of the day it seems, and he talks SO loud!! lol! The kids were going crazy because they couldn’t hear the TV or their online classes when he was in the kitchen, I couldn’t do anything in our bedroom if he was in there and the family room couch took the whole family space out of commission for the rest of us…so it was definitely time for me to create a more dedicated home office space for him quickly and without being able to run to the store. What?! Do you need help creating a home office in a pinch too? Here are some quick ideas to pull something together quickly that will make working from home much easier and more effective right away.

Creating a home office in a pinch

Everything in this space was stuff I rounded up in the basement and from other rooms in the house to create a home office for John in a pinch.

Creating a home office

Want to see what this room typically looks like?

a collection of misc items and props…

Blue paint colors 2

And an even more realistic look at what it usually looks like. lol! 

Creating a home office 6

So, what did I do to create a home office in a pinch?

  1. rolled out a rug I had stored in the basement
  2. repurposed the IKEA table that I usually use for photo shoots into a desk
  3. brought in a desk chair that we have owned for a long time and has been in a room upstairs since we moved
  4. added a console table that was in the basement to the back wall 
  5. used command strips to put up a temporary piece of artwork 
  6. borrowed lighting from other rooms in the house
  7. accessorized with a few books and plants just to make it feel a bit nicer

Creating a home office 4

I must have done an ok job creating a place where people want to be, because it’s Jack’s new favorite spot to nap. 😉

Creating a home office

It looks so much nicer than having a room full of junk off the entry way too. 😉

Creating a home office 1


A dedicated space to work will make working from home SO much easier. No moving things off of a table every time you need to work, no clearing clutter off of your workspace. You can leave it set up all day and come back to it just like you would your desk at work. That was what really made all the difference for John these last couple of days. If you are finding yourself working from home and struggling to find a place to do it, here are some quick and easy ideas for creating a home office in a pinch. 

        1. Pick a quiet corner. You don’t need to have a whole room – don’t worry if you don’t have an official office space in your house. You simply need a spot to work that is quiet and where you can set up your computer and whatever else you need and leave it set up. Obviously, the quieter the better for concentration and if you need to be on the phone. Think outside the box. Do you have a walk in closet where you can put a small desk or table? Can you use a corner in one of your kid’s rooms…an older child that doesn’t need to nap during the day? A dining room? A living room? Basement? Any quiet little spot will work.
        2. Set up a table or desk. So many console tables, kitchen tables, dining room tables, desks, side tables and more can be turned into an instant desk. What do you have that you can use? As long as it is tall enough for a chair to fit under it, you can use it as a desk. There are lots of very inexpensive desks that you can order and have delivered in a matter of days. Here are a few of my favorites:
        3. Get a comfy chair – you will be sitting here for many hours a day, so make sure you have a chair that won’t hurt your back. 
        4. Lighting – Bring in lamps from other rooms to make sure you have enough lighting.  You don’t want to strain your eyes, so borrow lamps if needed! If you have a room with a great window where you can put your desk, even better!
        5. Storage – Baskets and boxes can keep things under control. If you need office supplies easily accessible, keep staplers, scissors, paper clips etc. stored in a box or basket next to your desk to help keep your workspace clutter free.
        6. De-Clutter your space – you can see from the above pictures that this room can look pretty cluttered a lot of the time with props and such. I removed ALL of the clutter so that this temporary work space would feel clean and inviting. It makes it much easier to spend time in your temporary office if it is clean.
        7. Accessories – obviously not a necessity, but sometimes adding a few accessories can make this temporary space feel more like a spot you want to spend time in. 

Some inexpensive and quick ship home office items that look good too!

Here are a few other small office spaces I’ve put together over the years to give you a few more ideas of creating a home office in a pinch…

creating a home office


An office niche as part of a home entertainment center…

  • creating a home office in a pinch
  • Work spaces in kid’s bedrooms…great for homework too!
  • cute room ideas for a teenage girlawesome boy bedroom ideas
  • A desk in a guest room instead of a dresser…
  • Summer home tour 2John has thanked me several times in the last few days for creating a home office for him, so I know it’s made a real difference in this whole time of uncertainty. Eventually this room will get a real makeover…but for now we’ll enjoy this new spot. I hope you are able to work comfortably from whatever niche you are able to carve out for yourself. If you love home decor as much as I do, be sure to check out these remodels:Tour our 1987 Fixer Upper  (check out before and afters of every room)

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    Creating a home office in a pinch

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