BEACH PARTIES: GIRL PARTIES: The Beach Luau Aloha Party in Pink and Aqua


Beach Birthday Party Ideas

I am SO excited to finally share this party here on the blog. It has been a long time coming! 🙂 Three months to be exact!! 🙂 I decided that I would dedicate this almost first week of summer to all the fun details of this party. Starting about December I kept asking Ashley what kind of party she wanted for her birthday. I think you all know by now that she LOVES Hawaii. No matter how I tried to sway her, her answer always came back that she wanted as she called it a luau hula party. Well, I really didn’t want a rainbow of crazy colors and tiki heads at her party, so I was hesitant to give in…I was envisioning something much more feminine and soft, and thus the idea for the pink and aqua luau was born. 😉

I thought about actually having the party AT the beach. I had visions of flowy fabric tents and low tables on the sand with fluffy ruffled pillows for each of the girls to sit on…then as I thought more about the logistics…possible rain and hauling all the stuff to the beach and setting it up…I quickly gave up on that idea! 🙂 SO, the pocket park it was! 🙂 Once I came up with the color scheme it was pretty easy to re-create familiar luau and beach party ideas in those colors. The decorations were gathered from a number of sources both internet and local shops…(I’ll share those throughout the week after each post). I came up with an idea for an activity that I was SO excited about I could hardly contain myself…and the girls loved it too I think. 🙂 (more on that later this week!)

Here are a few images I have to share…stay tuned for tomorrow when I go over the decorations in detail and teach you how to make a lei chandelier!

See you tomorrow with all the decoration details!! 🙂

Have a great day!

Beach luau 2

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