DIY Sprinkle Mix : Taking Dessert Sprinkles to the Next Level

Ash and I were browsing through the mall earlier this week and we ran into Williams-Sonoma.  It’s one of my favorite places to wander and through and look at all the fun gadgets and dishes.  They had a ton of fun ice cream making supplies and this adorable tub of sprinkles.  It was a fun mix of all different types of rainbow colored sprinkles and sugar that looked like a party in a package.  I picked one up and was ready to drop the $20 on the small tub, when my cute little girl said “Mom, don’t buy that!  We can make it!”  Out of the mouth of babes. 😉  So, I put the tub back and we came home to our sprinkle stash and made ourselves a super cute bottle of mixed red, white and blue sprinkles.  Here’s the easy DIY so you can make your own:


I just grabbed a mix of red, white and blue sequin-shaped sugar wafers, nonpareils, sugar stars, and a combination of both sanding and crystal sugars.   These would be SO cute in any color…a rainbow mix, a valentine mix…any combination you can think of!


Simply pour your sprinkles into a small jar. (the one shown is an 8oz wide mouth jar)


Cover your jar with a lid and let your little ones shake it up.



I think it looks SO fun!!  I used sprinkles in all shapes and sizes.  I like the addition of the over sized sugar discs and the pearls, along with the star shapes and the regular old sprinkles, sugar and nonpareils.  The mix of shapes and sizes adds great texture and pizzazz to the mix.



Add this fun mix to all of your summertime treats.  Ice cream, cookies, roll your cookie sandwiches in it…these sprinkle mixes make everything look more festive and fun!

This makes a TON of sprinkle mix.  I only used probably 1/4 of each sprinkle jar to make this mix and it made a full 8oz.

So, where do you get the sprinkles?  I’ll share my secret with you as long as you promise not to empty the shelves so I can still find some every now and then. 😉  First, I love to look in the clearance section at Walmart, Target, Michaels etc., after holidays.  They almost always have color themed sprinkles of different shapes and sizes for different holidays and you can usually find them cheap!  I also love to look at HomeGoods.  Their baking aisle often has a great selection of sprinkles for a total deal.

Here is a fun idea that will make you a cute mix of sprinkles for only about $3.  Make them with friends!  Pick a color scheme…red, pink and white for example, and get 6 friends to all contribute a jar of one type of sprinkles or sugar that fits that theme.  You can mix up 6 jars with the assortment of sprinkles that everyone brings and you each go home with a jar of fun sprinkle mix! 🙂

I hope you are feeling inspired to whip up some fun DIY Sprinkle Mix for all of your desserts this summer.

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Have a great day!


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