Early Access Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

nordstrom anniversary sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is nearly here! Early Access is only ONE DAY away and I am SO excited! The online catalog has been dog eared, marked up and poured over countless times! If you’ve followed the blog for a long time you know this sale is like Christmas in July in our house and that the Nordstrom Anniversary Early Access Sale is like Black Friday.  Well, you wouldn’t attack Black Friday without a serious shopping plan, so, today’s post is just that…a way for you to get the most out of this great sale,  my predictions of what will be the most popular this year and a plan for securing those items. (this post contains affiliate links)


  • July 12-19 (Early Access . . . more about that below)
  • July 20- August 5 Sale Opens to the Public
  • August 6th Prices Go Back Up

Early Access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for cardholders starts at midnight tonight, July 12th and ends July 19th!  The most popular items usually sell out during Early Access and sometimes never get restocked! I have personally had this happen to me, and learned the hard way, so if there’s something that you can’t live without…that one thing you really want… you have to become a Nordstrom Card Holder.  After having the experience of missing out on items a couple of years in a row, I decided it was time to get one a few years ago.

nordstrom anniversary sale


Early Access is when all Nordstrom card holders get a few days of first dibs on all the sale merchandise before the sale opens to the general public.  So, first things first…do you have a Nordstrom card?  If you don’t, you can sign up RIGHT NOW and get approval and a code to start shopping immediately…even before your card arrives…as in right now!  So much of the sale merchandise sells out before the sale even opens to the general public, it is really the only way to shop this sale. So if you haven’t signed up yet, and decide it’s right for you…now is a great time!  SIGN UP HERE

nordstrom anniversary sale


Think denim, activewear, sweaters, BROWN booties, sunglasses and plaid scarves.   And then there are always the hot boots, leather jackets, and handbags that go like hotcakes!  The best way to make sure you still get what you really want from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is to order your favorites right away! Even if you are planning to shop in store, (which I always end up doing several times throughout the sale period) if you are worried something is going to sell out, get it now and choose the pick it up in store option, or have it shipped right to you for free.  

Denim is a staple for everyone, so the best deals go fast!  There is always a ton of great denim at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which makes it the best time to stock up on all your favorites!

You can always find a great pair or two of Nike’s during the sale. The last few years I have picked up my favorite pair of Juvenates during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but Nike doesn’t make them anymore, so I am on the hunt for a new favorite pair.  


So, what should your shopping plan of attack be?  Here’s how I like to tackle things.  Tonight at a little after midnight when the sale goes live and I get access to it,  I will post links to what I think are the best deals and sure to sell out items.  You can make a list ahead of time too.

What are your must haves?  Jeans, booties and maybe a cute new sweater for fall?

How about your wants?

A cute new handbag, some new Nike’s?

If there are things you absolutely NEED to secure, get those first.  Then, prioritize your wants.  Handbags go FAST, and in my experience are often not restocked.  If you want one, I would make it a priority.

Also, just because you add something to your cart, doesn’t mean it will still be there when you go to check out.  I unfortunately have learned that the hard way too.  Shipping is free, no matter how many orders you place.  If you have a handbag and other must haves in your cart, check out and then go back and shop again, placing a separate order. That will insure that you get what you really want.

I know it sounds crazy, but it kind of is…the sale that is.  Great prices, limited quantities, and thousands of women counting down to buy.  Nuts…but I’m one of them, so I can’t judge. 😉 lol!

I hope you are feeling prepared to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale like a pro!  I will be up LATE tonight and working hard, so check back and send me any questions you have!

Happy shopping!

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