Free Printable: Ding Dong the Witch is Dead Halloween Tags


Can I just tell you how excited I am that Ding Dongs are back??!!  I thought of this little idea last year, and no joke, within a week…Hostess announced they were closing down and Ding Dongs would be  no more.  I couldn’t believe my luck!  Well, now after patiently waiting…they are back!  Not in their original silver foil wrappers…but I’ll take them anyway…because they still make this printable possible! 😉  I don’t know about your neighborhood, but in mine, as soon as it’s October 1st the “boo”ing begins!  Cute signs start popping up on everyone’s doors and the kids wait anxiously at night for the doorbell to ring so they can try to catch whoever might be leaving a treat on the doorstep.  Here’s something that I hope will make it a little easier for you to “ding dong” ditch your neighbors this Halloween! 🙂  Enjoy! 🙂


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I hope you have a happy Halloween!!


Ding dong witch

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