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One of my greatest joys in life is gift giving.  I LOVE the challenge of coming up with clever, thoughtful gifts for those that I love.  I don’t always succeed, but I try really hard to pay attention to things that people mention in conversation and watch for clues throughout the year of things I see them enjoy, so that I can tailor a birthday or Christmas gift that is a little something extra special.  I even take notes throughout the year so I don’t forget!  Another fun way to make a gift special or unique is to tie it into an experience that they are going to have or a place they are going to visit.  For Mother’s Day this year I wanted to do something clever for my mom, who was headed to Disneyland with my sister and her kids the next week.  I thought about Disney mom shirts or a Disney gift card…there are tons of fun ideas for Disney Gifts for Mom out there, but I finally settled on creating a DIY Disney gift…something I think makes one of those awesome gifts for Disney lovers of all ages!  A Disneyland Survival Kit!

Disney Gifts for Mom


Sometimes it can be hard to find Disney gifts for adults, so I love this fun and easy Disney gift idea.  What makes a Disney Survival Kit one of the most awesome gifts for Disney lovers is that you can totally customize it for your gift recipient.  Because I was looking to make mine a fun Disney gift for my mom, or more specifically for a grandma heading to Disneyland for a first time trip with her three darling granddaughters, I wanted it to be a little bit fun and silly.   I also love that this is one of those gifts for Disney lovers that can cost as much or as little as you want.  I started my hunt for this DIY Disney gift in the dollar section at Target.  Target, Walmart and even the dollar store are great places to look for fun things to include in this cute Disney gift. (affiliate links are included in this post)

Disney gifts for mom

I found this awesome bag for $3 at Target.  There are tons available online though, many for less than $7-8. My kids have similar nylon style bags that they use all the time, so I love that it is a great holder for all the little Disney gifts, but that it is also functional.  I tried to think of fun Disney gifts for my mom that would also benefit the little girls she would be spending the four day Disney adventure with.  I imagine myself wanting to be the grandma that has a bag full of fun trinkets and surprises for my grandkids, so while some of the items I put in this Disney bag were practical, a lot of them were for fun too.  I found cute Mickey Mouse socks, Princess Bandaids (always good to have on hand for little scraped knees or unexpected blisters that might pop up after walking so much), a re-useable Disney water bottle and some inexpensive Minnie Ears.  I also added non-Disney branded items like glow bracelets, princess wands, antibacterial wipes, aspirin, sunscreen and snacks.  

awesome gifts for disney lovers

To make things a little more fun I added labels to each item that had a little description of what they were for.  I put this together quickly, so not everything was super clever, but two of my favorites were the Bippity Boppity Boo Boo bandaids and the Roller Coaster Reliever (aspirin). I could have gotten a smaller bottle of aspirin, but I thought that the huge bottle made it funnier. 😉

Disney gifts for mom

One of my best Disney tips is to buy souvenirs AHEAD of time at places like Wal-Mart, Target and the dollar store.  With little kids they don’t really know the difference, and they just want all the fun things they see.  Many of the things you find at Disneyland you can also find outside of the park for way less.  I tried to think of a few of those things that the kids would probably be begging for and include them in the Disney Survival Kit too, so that grandma could save the day with things like Princess wands and giant rainbow colored lollipops.  The glow bracelets will be handy for nighttime parades and shows like Fantasmic when vendors are selling all kinds of fun glow in the dark trinkets, she can break out the 15 glow bracelets I picked up for $1 and make everyone happy. 

Awesome gifts for disny lovers

Looking for more ideas to make fun gifts for Disney lovers?  Here are some other ideas of things to include in this great DIY Disney gift:

Autograph Book (a cute Disney notebook and pen…a Disney Character Encyclopedia makes a great autograph book too)

Disney Lanyard and ID Holder – Great to hold theme park tickets for easy access

Disney Themed Snacks (I found Toy Story branded Goldfish crackers and all kinds of cute Disney treats)

Hidden Mickey’s Book

Disney Mad Libs (great for long lines!)


Baseball Hat or Visor


External Phone Charger

Disney Gift Card

The possibilities are really endless with this fun Disney gift idea.  If you are looking for Disney gifts for adults, kids or even Disney couple gifts, this is a great options.  These would be really fun Disney Christmas gifts too for Disney lovers.  Imagine gifting a Disneyland trip to your family with a fun, customized Disney Survival kit for each person!  What fun surprise!

If you would like to make your own DIY Disney gifts, I have created these free Disney printable tags for you.  I made a couple of different versions, one for Disneyland and Disney World and I included a few other tags for some of the items listed above with clever Disney song titles that work with the item.  I hope you get a kick out them like I do! 😉

disney free printable tags

These cute, free Disney printable tags are easy to print at home. When you print our free printables, or have them printed, be sure to do it on 110lb (or heavier) white cardstock.  I use this for all of my printables when I print them at home.


free printables online

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I hope that you love this fun Disney gifts for mom idea as much as I do!  I am making these my new go-to gifts for Disney lovers of all ages! 🙂

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Have a magical visit to the happiest place on earth!



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Awesome gifts for disny lovers

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