Best Sources for Vintage Art and Landscapes

This last few weeks have me looking at my home under even more of a microscope than usual! I don’t know about you guys, but spending 10+ weeks under stay at home orders so far, has me going a bit stir crazy and wanting to really get this place finished up. One thing I have never been very good at in my own home, is committing to putting art up on the walls. Thank heavens for the invention of command strips for non-committal people like me! 😉  After staring at the blank walls in the Utah house for the last couple of months, I am trying to make an effort to really get things up on the walls. It’s amazing to me what a difference it makes! Each little piece of art that I find and put either on a shelf or up on the wall, makes me SO happy!

 Affordable vintage art

I am a sucker for vintage art, especially vintage landscapes and sketches, but art can be EXPENSIVE. Good art is hard to find and usually when you find a favorite piece, it is way out of the budget. With that budget even a bit tighter these days due to the craziness in the world, it has pushed me to find the best of the best as far as art is concerned, and score it for a deal. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite sources for vintage art with you that I have found over the last few weeks. 

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Digital Vintage Art and Landscapes

The best way I have found to add vintage art to my home, is by utilizing all of the amazing digital vintage art that is available these days. There are lots of digital vintage art shops all over the internet with gorgeous vintage art made affordable. Many of these places offer printing services too, if you prefer, where they can print the art of your choice on high quality art paper for you. This is slightly more expensive, but still VERY affordable. 


I started out selling on Etsy years ago with a little flower hair accessories shop. Then I opened my Etsy print shop for birthday and even printables. I LOVE Etsy, and since they started letting people sell vintage items, along with handmade items many years ago, it has been even more of a go-to resource for so many things for me. Lately, it has been one of my favorite sources for vintage art and landscapes. Shopping small feels even better these days. A few of my favorite digital vintage art shop are:

Vintage Supply -Some of my favorite landscapes and portraits. 

Wild Fig Paperie -A huge selection of great portraits, landscapes and sketches.

Heirloom Print Shop – Pretty early America and farmhouse style prints. A newer shop, so watch for her collection to expand as she grows. 

If you order a digital print or an actual physical print, be sure to check out Framebridge for awesome, affordable custom framing options. It’s a great way to get totally custom art for less. 

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Original Vintage Art and Landscapes

Sometimes, you want something more than a print. A real oil on canvas or watercolor feels rich and special. Antique stores and thrift shops are my very favorite sources for original vintage art, you can often find framed pieces for under $50. 

Since thrift shops and antique stores have been closed recently, I have turned to online shops for original vintage art and have been pleasantly surprised. Etsy is still a great place to shop and so is Ebay

You want to make sure to pay special attention to a few things when you are looking at original art. The condition and the size being the two most important. A $65 original vintage art painting can seem like a really great deal, until you realize it’s 3″ x 5″. Suddenly $65 doesn’t seem like such a great deal. 😉 Damaged corners and even stains can sometimes cause problems on vintage art. Often times these paintings have been sitting in someone’s garage or attic for years unprotected. Be sure to look at close-up images of the paintings before you buy.

How to Search for Original Vintage Art

It seems like original vintage art listings on these sites are often one-off listings by shop owners who mix them in with other products for sale in their stores. I have more luck searching terms like “original vintage oil painting” or “original watercolor landscape painting” and shopping from the search results, more so than having favorite go-to shops. I am impatient ;), so I like to find “buy it now” paintings on Ebay, but if you are more patient than me and can wait out the auction duration, you might score a better deal. If you can find a painting you like, in a frame that you like that is in good condition then you really score! Framing can add a significant cost to you art purchase, so be on the hunt for those gems! Original art is often more expensive than buying a digital print, but you can still find awesome deals. 

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More Places to Look for Beautiful Vintage Art and Landscapes

Amazon – Yes, you can find awesome art on Amazon along with just about everything else.

McGee and Co I hear a lot of people talk about how expensive this shop is…and there is no doubt, it is high end, but if you know what to look for and shop a sale, you can score great deals on some beautiful art. All of the art they curate is gorgeous and it’s not all as expensive as it seems at first glance. Watch for a 20% off sale at times of year like Memorial Day Weekend, Black Friday and other holidays. When you take into consideration the quality and the custom framing, several pieces are quite affordable. Here are the pieces I own and love:

This painting gets more comments than any other one in my house. It is super versatile, has a beautiful frame and I love the texture of the brush strokes on the canvas. The size is perfection too..either for stacking on the wall, or standing on a shelf or mantel.

One King’s Lane – this place has TONS of art!!  Wait for a sale…they run them all the time, and you can literally spend hours browsing! Here are a few pretty, reasonable pieces:

I hope you are feeling inspired to fill your walls with gorgeous vintage art! Isn’t it awesome that you don’t have to break the bank to do it? Let me know if you have other amazing sources for vintage art and landscapes. I’m always on the hunt for new shops!

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Affordable vintage art

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