The Best Toys for Kids: A Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…when Santa is making his list and checking it twice and you can hold every little thing that the kids do to misbehave over their heads with threats of Santa not paying them a visit this year. 😉  Probably the best 6 weeks as parents, am I right? 😉  I have rounded up my own list of the best toys for kids.  Those toys and games that have stood the test of time with my own kids and continue to be popular with cousins, friends and kids that we know everywhere.  best toys for kids
But seriously, it’s time to start thinking about what will be under the Christmas tree this year and I have rounded up a gift guide for those little munchkins aged 4-10.  I have personal experience with all but 3 items on this list, and those have all been hot items in the neighborhood, so I know they are popular too.  The countdown is on…there are 7 weekends until Christmas…YIKES!!  Get these ordered (or at least in your cart!) and on their way asap to keep your holiday season stress free.  I have included affiliate links for your convenience.  Click on any image for more information.


1. Art Supplies  are always a hit in our house.  Ashley has asked for art supplies probably every year since she was 3…and I love to use them too.  This is a great set and at under $30…a great price too!

best toys for kids

2. I wish this pink kitchen set came in adult size. 😉  There is a super expensiv range at a gorgeous high end kitchen store here and it is this exact color of pink.  I stop and stare at it for a bit every time I walk by.  I bought this exact set for Ashley when she as 3, and we kept it until just recently.  It was still in excellent condition and we were able to sell it on Craigslist for almost what we paid for it, so you can do the same because it maintains it’s value!  It’s a classic.  They have a white, gray, red, blue and other colors too in case you have boys! 🙂

best toys for kids

3. I honestly don’t know how we would have made it through the ages of 3-7 without having a train set and train table for Andy.  It kept him entertained for hours, and now it is doing the same for my nephews.  This is another piece that you will be able to sell or pass down to other famiy members because everyone loves them!  A definite must!

4. These darling sleeping bags can be personalized and kids LOVE them.  They are great for sleepovers, movie nights and when company comes and the kids give up their beds.

5.  Ok, you might think I’m a little crazy, but this mini trampoline is one of the best things for kids…and adults can use it too!  It fold up and stores easily, and when you break it out, the kids will use it for hours.  You will be amazed how much energy they will burn without you even having to do anything with them.  I use ours at night too while I watch TV.  It’s a great way just to get moving, even if I just bounce a little, it’s better than siting still!

6.  Every kid loves having a personalized chair and these adorable bean bag chairs can be personalized with their names and look darling when they aren’t being used.

best toys for kids

7. Have you played with one of these marble labyrinths?  This one is fun for the whole family.  I have given this as birthday gifts more than once and it is always a big hit.

8. Another must have if you have a boy is one of these car map rugs.  Roll it up and it stores easily out of the way when it’s not in use, but it will be in use ALL the time!

9. Ashley started making bracelets with one of these beading kits, and she loves it so much she is begging for an etsy shop.  Beware!  This purchase may lead to more productivity. 😉

10. Every little boy needs a good truck and this one is a favorite.

11. This basketball hoop is perfect for indoors (like in a basement) or out in the backyard.  We used to have one in our living room when the kids were really little, on it’s lowest height, then it moved to the garage when they needed it a little taller, and eventually to the backyard.

12.  The art easel is one of the bulkier items, but if you have a budding artist, it is well worth the space it takes up.  It does fold in half to minimize the storage space and Ashley LOVED hers!

13.  Have you played this Pie Face game before?  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE loves this game.  Even if there isn’t anyone on your list to buy this for, get it for the adults and sit around and play after the kids have gone to bed.  I guarantee you will be laughing hysterically!

best toys for kids

14.  These Laser Tag Guns are one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Andy STILL plays with them at 14, and may of the families in the neighborhood bought them after thy saw ours so that the kids could all play together.  A NOTE ABOUT THESE GUNS…they are VERY popular and they become nearly impossible to find the closer it gets to Christmas.  They are supposed to sell for about $60 a set or so, but as the demand climbs the closer it gets to Christmas, I have seen them sell for as much as $350 a set.  So get them NOW!!  That is just crazy to me.  They work really well, are super fun, and can be used by all ages, including adults.  We have taken them over to the park at night before and played and it is SO fun!  You don’t need any other equipment, just the guns.  Also, I suggest you get 2 sets if it’s in the budget.  The game is even more fun with more people.

15. Oh, the Barbie Dream House.  This is just a classic and you ca;t go wrong with a Barbie Dream House.  If you want ultimate squeals of joy on Christmas Day, have one of these under the tree.

16.  Legos for all!  These Lego Disney sets are perfect for the little girls who want to build cool stuff just like their brothers.

17. Hot Wheels Track I bought one of these for my nephew a few months ago, and they are still every bit as popular with the kids as they were when I bought Andy his first track several years ago.

18. Admittedly, my kids have never owned ShopKins, but, when it was all my neice wanted for my birthday last month, and I did some research about their popularity, they had to make it on the list.  Any little girl would love them.

19. These Lego City sets are great…there are so many to choose from.  I love that Legos get the kids totally engrossed in something other than a video game or TV show.  My kids can build for hours without even realizing it.  That makes them even better gifts because they will keep the kids occupied after Christmas while they still have a week off of school.  It’s really a gift for your sanity. 😉

20.  We also have never owned a Razor Ripstik…but my kids are dying for one, so it’s on our list this year.

I forgot to put it on the list, but these cute little teepees are so fun too.  The kids love using them as reading nooks and playing house.  Great for imaginary play, plus, they look cute in a room…BONUS!

These are the best toys for kids that have proven to stay popular in our house and among the 70+ kids in our neighborhood year after year.  I hope that helps to kick off your Christmas shopping!  I will be publishing new gift guides every week…sometimes two a week until the big day, to help make shopping easier.  It’s great for me to because I am getting mine done as I make these gift guides!

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Don’t miss out on our other gift guides here.  As we get closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday I’ll try to have a bunch of different ons to help make shopping easier this year! 🙂

Happy Shopping!



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Best toys for kids

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