DIY Block Print Towels

I had to make a quick stop at Michaels the other day (let’s be real…when is a trip to Michael’s ever quick? 😉  I have to look at everything. ;))  As I was wandering I found the cutest little wood elephant stamp.  It was a need, so into my cart it went. 😉  I love block print fabrics, so I decided to try my hand at making some DIY Block Print towels.  You can find plain dish towels just about anywhere for under $5, (I grabbed mine at HomeGoods of course) so pick up a cute wood stamp, some fabric paint and some towels and you’ll be all set for this easy DIY project.  Tip: You will want to wash your towels before you stamp them so they are ready to accept the fabric paint.

DIY wood block stamped towels

What you will need:

Wood Block Stamps

Fabric Paint

A paint brush

Parchment paper or a paper plate


DIY wood block stamped towels

I tried this a few ways and this is what I found to be the easiest.  You don’t want the paint to get into the grooves of your stamp, otherwise you won’t get as clean of a print.  To help evenly distribute the paint on to the stamp, I simply squirted a blob of paint onto my parchment paper and then spread it out on the parchment, using a paint brush, into an even layer just slightly bigger than the stamp.  This way, I was able to set my stamp into the paint and it only picked up paint on the surface of the stamp, not in the grooves.

DIY wood block stamped towels

DIY wood block stamped towels

Once you have “inked” your stamp, press it firmly onto your fabric.  Make sure to press evenly on the stamp all over the surface so the paint transfers everywhere. Remove the stamp, load it with paint again, and repeat.  Continue this process until you have the stamped image everywhere you would like it on your towel.  Let the towels dry and you are all set!

DIY wood block stamped towels

You really can’t mes this up.  The beauty of the block printing is that it isn’t meant to be a perfect image, so, if you get parts of the painted image that don’t transfer, don’t panic!  Love your project for it’s imperfections.  That is was makes it unique. 🙂

DIY wood block stamped towels

Aren’t those fun?  In just about 30 minutes you can have these cute handmade towels.  This would be a fun project for the kids this summer too!

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Have a wonderful day and happy crafting! 🙂


Stamped towels 2

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