A New 18th Century Home Tour

Yes, your eyes did not deceive you…the title says a NEW 18th century home.  That was what initially grabbed my attention too.  I understand a remodel of an 18th century home, but a new one?  How does that happen?  It happens when a design and construction firm decides to build new homes, based on old design styles.  Enter this beautiful new/old 18th century farm house.  I LOVE this idea SO much!  Having spent the better part of the last three months scouring Salt Lake City for the perfect 100+ year old home to renovate, I have come to realize that there really is no such thing for me.  I want certain modern amenities and a more open floor plan than these teeny little cracker boxes provide, and it is either impossible to get those things due to lot size, or restrictions that come already built in when you are buying an older home…at least in a big city.  Sure, I could renovate an old home, but it would still be smaller than I would like, more chopped up, and come with a whole host of expenses that we won’t even be able to recognize until we get into the walls.    But what do you do when you want the charm of an older home, combined with the conveniences and flow of a newer home?  Apparently you do what Connor Homes is doing and you build a new old home.   And I don’t know about you, but I think this idea is going to be a hit.  Check out this beauty…

beautiful kitchen design

farmhouse kitchen design

farmhouse kitchen design

vintage farmhouse design

fixer upper design

farmhouse design

mudroom design ideas

fixer upper dining room

fixer upper bedroom design

farmhouse bedroom decor

fixer upper farmhouse design

fixer upper bathroom design

farmhouse design

farmhouse bathroom decor

fixer upper office decor

Via RUE  Interior design by Kristina Crestin   Architecture by Connor Homes   Photography by Jared Kuzia

Isn’t that gorgeous?  Looks very similar to something that Joanna Gaines would do and I love it!  If you’re hoping to get this look in your home, here are a few of my favorite farmhouse style products on the market right now to get you started.  Click on any affiliate link for more information and easy shopping. 🙂

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