Pink Peppermint’s Picks

I am late getting this week’s edition of Pink Peppermint’s Picks up today…a crazy travel schedule this week has me at home for just over 36 hours…while I love it…it’s also a bit overwhelming! I always think that if I just had a solid, uninterrupted week at home I could accomplish SO much…but I also love the crazy…so here we are. 😉 I hope you are having a wonderful week and starting to see signs of spring around your house.  We are and it is so exciting and refreshing!  If you are still trying to dig out from under winter, here are some fun picks to give you hope of warmer days to come!  Click on any image or affiliate link for more information about each product.  Have a great week my friends! 🙂

pink peppermint's picks

  1. I have been ordering art like a crazy lady lately, and I love this pretty piece.  It makes such a gorgeous addition to your space for spring and summer.  I am getting more comfortable with the idea of changing things like art out for different seasons.  It makes it super easy with things like command hooks when you don’t even have to put holes in the walls!

Screen shot 2018 03 14 at 4 48 00 pm

2. Have you seen these earrings (or something similar to them) popping up everywhere?  When I first saw them I was thinking I would definitely need some fun event to wear them to, but lately I have been seeing them all over the place paired with jeans and a t-shirt and they are SO fun!  They make every outfit just feel a little more special.  They come in tons of colors, so grab a pair and spice up your wardrobe! 😉


3. I am a sucker for seer sucker and these wedges are just too cute!  Whether you are heading for a fun resort vacation, or just want to feel like you are on vacation everyday, they are a super cute addition to a long skirt, skinny jeans, or shorts.  LOVE them!

Blue shoes

4. I read a quote the other day that said swimsuit bodies are made in the winter…uh, oh.  Guess I’ll have to wait until next winter. 😉 . Until then I’ll just pick up this SUPER FLATTERING suit.  I mean, who is the genius that came up with this?  Your eyes are totally drawn to the green and white and it makes the hips seems to disappear.  I mean, I realize she’s like a size -0, and my hips will not disappear, but this will at least help give the illusion that they have, right? 😉 . The price point on it isn’t too bad either.  Swimsuits have gotten SO expensive!


5. Finally this week, this adorable bunny chair.  A nod to Easter and the absolute cutest chair for a desk in a teen or tween room.  Ash and I have started making plans to decorate her new room, and this chair is a must have!

Bow chair

Alright friends, I’ll be back next week with more fun finds!

Happy shopping!

Pink peppermints picks march 14th

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