Nighttime Outdoor Party Ideas : Host an Outdoor Movie Night Party

There is nothing quite like a summer night.  The hot daytime temps create perfectly warm nights.  All your usual indoor activities move outdoors so you can celebrate the season.  If you’re looking for fun nighttime outdoor party ideas…look no further.  An outdoor movie night party is the perfect way to enjoy those warm evenings with friends and family.  I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for easy summer party ideas.  A great way to be able to spend time with a group of people without a lot of fuss or effort, so that you can enjoy the party and company yourself instead of slaving away in the kitchen or prepping for days.  This outdoor movie night party is the perfect way to enjoy time together without much any stress and bonus…it looks cute too! 😉 Affiliate links are included in this post.

outdoor party ideas at night

The setup for this outdoor movie night party is SUPER easy!  A few quilts or colorful beach towels, and some pillows on the grass, along with a few outdoor chairs (or even beach chairs) and you are all set!  For the screen, I used a soccer goal from the yard, and simply hung a sheet over it.  Ta-da!  Instant movie screen.

outdoor party ideas at night

There are tons of mini projectors you can get these days for under $100.  Many of them even offer wireless connections to your smartphone if you have movies stored there, or access to Netflix, etc. so you can watch whatever is on your phone.  They make these outdoor movie night parties truly portable as well!  SO awesome!  If you’re having a crowd, simply ask them to bring their own beach chair or towel so that you aren’t on the hook for providing seating for everyone.  It’s kind of like a chair pot-luck…sorry, bad joke! 😉

outdoor party ideas at night

outdoor party ideas at night

Finally, the most important part of the evening…the concessions.  Let’s face it, it’s the food that gets everyone most excited for any gathering…right?  And it gets your guests even more excited if it looks cute.  I was excited to create this easy and adorable bar cart concession stand.  I picked out a cute bar cart for the party that will work seamlessly in my home decor and will look adorable outfitted for any season or event.  I LOVE the blue metal paired with the wood trays.  SO cute!

outdoor party ideas at night

This cute snack stand took me about 10 minutes to arrange after a quick trip to the grocery store.  Boxes of candy, colorful sodas, popcorn and a few other salty snacks to balance the sweet and you’re all set.  I tried to go with traditional movie theater candies to give it more of a classic movie night feel.

outdoor party ideas at night

The best part of serving these treats, is that there is absolutely no prep.  Usually I would feel the need to display things in pretty boxes or on trays, but the colorful boxes and soda bottles ARE the display.  They are individually packaged so it makes it easy for guests to grab, and it is a serve yourself station, so I don’t have to be managing it all night.  Win-win!

outdoor party ideas at night

outdoor party ideas at night

I hope you are feeling inspired to create by these outdoor party ideas at night complete with a cute bar cart concession stand! You can find tons of cute carts here…one that will be perfect for your party and home!

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