Alumni House Project Update : New Windows are In

After a year of thinking about it…things are finally moving at the Alumni House. I am SO excited to have this project underway. This little house has been such a fun place for our family this past year, even with all of it’s crazy 10o year old quirks and oddities, I’m really looking forward to giving it a little TLC and creating a place for other families to love in the many years to come…another 100! Let’s do this! 😉

window replacement

Windows have been on order since April and they FINALLY arrived and were installed last week. Windows are always one of the very first things to be installed in any project.

Because the exterior of this house was brick, the window replacement was a little bit easier than other projects I’ve worked on because the windows were able to be kind of popped out and put back in, as opposed to other homes where all of the drywall surrounding windows has had to be destroyed on the inside of the house in order for the new windows to go in. 

Most of the windows in this house were original. The glass, wood framing and old pulley windows needed to be replaced. I looked into having them repaired, but they were in such bad shape, it just didn’t make sense. The windows have 100 years of layer after layer of old paint on them and most were painted shut and completely inoperable. 

I left most of the windows in their original positions, but three windows had to be adjusted to make way for some remodeling that is going to happen. In the kitchen, the very small nook area had two windows that continued about 18” below countertop height. The kitchen will be extended into this space, which means the windows had to be shortened in order to account for the new cabinets and countertops running underneath. 

The upstairs bathroom is quite tiny and being remodeled to add a bit more space, but in order to do so the window needed to be moved to the other side of the wall.

This was a little bit of a beast, but thanks to my awesome contractor (Uncle Dave) he was able to successfully move it and do the masonry work on the exterior to make it look seamless. 

These windows will be much more energy efficient and help the house to stay much warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

I did opt to keep the big original wood windows in the front room. They are SO pretty and it would have been impossible to recreate them…not to mention cost a FORTUNE if I even could have them remade.

the alumni house living room

They are mahogany and swing out and practically open up the whole front of the house. I am absolutely in love with them, so they had to stay. Plus, the puppies love them and like to sit and watch the world go by, so how could I say no to that. I was willing to give up a little efficiency for the original windows. Plus, nothing a set of good, heavy velvet drapes can’t fix in the winter. 😉

the alumni house living room

I can’t wait to share more updates with you soon. Things are moving quickly now!

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window replacement

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