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Drumroll please! It is too exciting to be able to start sharing design ideas and progress with you on the Alumni house. I feel like this has been a long time coming, but in reality it’s been just about 9 months. After a very long winter (one that still seems to be hanging on…) we are looking forward to starting construction around here in the next month. It’s actually been very beneficial for me to have some time to think about this renovation. Typically it’s a “close on the house and break down some walls” kind of scenario and I design as we go. This past few months actually using the house have given me the opportunity to think carefully about how each space can be utilized to it’s full potential. I think it will make the functionality of the house much better in the end because it has been so carefully laid out. It’s also given me the chance to get to know the house and love it for it’s quirks. Initially my to-do list was a mile long. Now it’s a LOT shorter. I want to try and work in a lot more of the original details and features and keep some of the quirks. 

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Right off the little entry way is the living area/family room. It’s the only living space in the house, and a great gathering spot. the highlight…are these GORGEOUS windows.


I mean…do they get any cooler than that? Are they the most efficient? No.

the alumni house living room

Do they get in the way a little bit and take up a lot of space when they are open…yes.

But we are obsessed with them and the fact that they make the house look SO open and let the light pour in can’t be beat!

the alumni house living room

And these guys…well, they  can’t get enough of staring out the windows and watching all the kids go by. They get LOTS of attention. 🙂 I mean…this view from the outside…

the alumni house living room

Not to mention the super cool apple tree that hangs just outside the window and I can pick apples from INSIDE the house. Amazing. So yeah. The old windows are staying.

the alumni house living room

The floors are original…at least in this part of the house. There are some weird things that need to be addressed with the wood flooring in the kitchen and hallway. Other problems with this Fir is the color and how soft it is. I can’t handle the orange. I have looked for stains and tried different things but this just doesn’t take well to pretty, lighter stains. With two white dogs that shed like they need to make a new coat everyday, I have to have light floors and fir does not like light colors…and two 100lb dogs with nails…they have kind of scratched it to smithereens. I know I can get it sanded down and all that, but I think I’m going to have to go with something engineered so that it is more durable and I can get the color I need. Kind of a bummer, but with the other problems we need to address it might be a necessity anyways. 

the alumni house living room

The fireplace is getting a makeover. I want to do a cast concrete surround I think, using the above fireplace as major inspo. We are getting the chimney and firebox restored so that we can keep it wood burning which I’m excited about. I have an appointment with the fireplace people in a couple weeks to see what we can do. I’ll let you know! Here are some of the color samples I’m working with…

the alumni house living room

Are you ready for the design plan?! Here you go….

the alumni house living room

There are some really cool features in this room with old trim, cool original built ins and arches and old vents and grates. All the trim in the house will be painted this Blue/Gray called Boothbay gray by Benjamin Moore. I love these cool brass vent covers. They have a vintage vibe to me and I think they will be a great replacement for the existing broken ones.

We will help the inefficient windows with these thick black out velvet drapes in a deep navy blue. While I don’t always love ceiling fans, we currently have one in this room and love the way it helps keep the space cool in the summer. Once again, with those old windows, the 100 degree heat in the summer isn’t the best, so keeping the air moving is helpful and I think this is a pretty fan.

Brass door hardware, some pretty (and durable) wood floors and comfy seating in the form of a tufted camel leather sofa and recliners and we’ll be all set in here.

I’m super excited to see this room come together! I am definitely ready to start knocking down some walls! 🙂

Can’t wait to share the rest with you. 

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the alumni house living room

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