Best Places to Buy Affordable Dining Chairs

With the holidays looming, dining rooms across America are getting a face lift as people prepare for friends and family to gather around the table.  Creating a pretty place to make family memories is fun, and it doesn’t have to break the bank!  Most tables will last a lifetime, I know from experience…I often wish my table would not last so long!  I need an excuse to get a new one! 😉  An easy way to update your dining room on a budget is to add new chairs.  Chairs have become very inexpensive and are available all over the place, so you are almost guaranteed to find something that you like for a steal.  I have rounded up the best places to buy affordable dining chairs, and picked out some of the best affordable dining room chairs currently on the market so that you can give your dining room a fresh new look, without it costing a fortune. Most of these can be on your doorstep within a week.


Ideas for Updating Your Dining Table

New Arm Chairs

If an entire set of new chairs is not in the budget, you can simply elevate your style by adding two new arm chairs at the head of the table.  If you have all wood chairs, opt for something that is upholstered to update the look.  If all the other chairs are upholstered, maybe opt for a patterned arm chair, or acrylic…something that will work with your set and make a statement. Modern Ghost chairs are an unexpected addition to a traditional space, just the right amount of modern to keep your design fresh.

Mix and Match

Another option for changing up your look without replacing the entire set of chairs, is to mix and match new side chairs in with your existing set.  Mixing and matching has become much more popular over the years and it gives your dining room more of a designer look.  Find two fun new side chairs to add in with your current chairs.  If your style is more traditional, keep with your current theme by adding upholstered French linen chairs but change things up a bit my mixing the wood tones or adding patterned upholstery to keep it interesting.  One way to make mismatched chairs seem more cohesive is to paint them all the same color and upholster them with the same material.

Looking to update a farmhouse table?  Industrial chairs bring a modern vibe to a room otherwise dominated by wood surfaces.  The metal instantly updates the space with a more contemporary feel.  Couple your rustic table with brightly painted mismatched wood chairs to create a colorful, welcoming dining room.  Whether you’re a minimalist, a mid-century modern lover or an industrial aficionado, there’s a perfect dining chair option out there for you.  Here are some of my favorite places to buy affordable dining chairs and a couple of the best options on the market right now.  I have included affiliate links for your convenience.  You can find out more about affiliate links here.




World Market


Amazon (yes, they have tons of chairs!) 🙂

Whatever your choice, once you’ve picked the seats you want to add into your dining room, you can focus on what’s really important…the fun that will be had and the memories that will be made gathered around the dining table.  Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful.  Hopefully these affordable dining chairs will help you find something you love.  That is what decorating your home is really all about.

best place to buy affordable dining chairs

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Best places to buy affordable dining chairs

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