Interior Design: Beautiful Dining Room by DIY Playbook

DIY Playbook-DIY Playbook-0041

A few months back I was invited to team up with HomeGoods for some fun projects.  It has been such a fun experience for me, and to make it even better, I have been able to get to know some super talented designers. I instantly fell in love with DIY Playbook’s style.  Bridget and Casey are so talented and I’m excited that Bridget is letting us take a peek at her amazing dining room transformation today.  I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do! Here’s a little bit from Bridget about her space:

We have a very laid-back home and we always want to make our guests feel comfortable while we entertain. Our choices of bright colored accessories, mixed with a variety of patterns adds this touch of fun while reinforcing the laid-back feel. As the post describes, our dining room has come a long way (and still has a ways to come), but we are so excited to make new memories around a table that has a lot of stories to tell!

Check out the space before:


and after…

DIY Playbook-DIY Playbook-0044-1



DIY Playbook-DIY Playbook-0024



DIY Playbook-DIY Playbook-0041



Isn’t that beautiful?  Be sure to check out all of DIY Playbook’s amazing spaces over on their blog.  Thanks so much Bridget for sharing your beautiful dining room with us!

Happy Designing!


Diy playbook diy playbook 0041

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