Interior Design: A Quick Living Room Re-do

web mantle header

I’ve been working on a new project, and I am SO excited with how things are coming along! 🙂  This coffee table find at HomeGoods was almost too much for me to handle!  We’ve added a few pops of color and some new fresh accessories and pillows (also from HomeGoods) and it is looking like a completely new room!  I’ll share more pictures later, but here’s a sneak peek…

easy homegoods mantle re-do lindsey's coffee table


have a great day!

(I am currently participating on a HomeGoods Pinterest team and this is a sponsored post)

Web mantle header

5 thoughts on “Interior Design: A Quick Living Room Re-do”

    • Hi Christy!
      That print was actually one of my client’s. She had it hanging on her wall and I stole it for the mantle. 😉 Isn’t it cute? Sorry I’m not more of a help as to where it came from! 🙂 tammy


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