Easy Kids Thanksgiving Craft Dried Corn and Bean Mosaic

I love making every season special with the kids.  Crafts and fun themed foods, parties and outings…whatever I can do to make the seasons fun and memorable.  I’ve spent a lot of time since we moved going through a bunch of pictures and things from over the years and have run across a few things I want to share here on the blog.  Fun and easy things that we’ve done with the kids and neighborhood kids over the years.  With Thanksgiving almost upon us, I wanted to share some easy Kids Thanksgiving Craft that you can do with kids of all ages.  This one is even fun for adults!  (At least I like to do it! ;)) These cute dried corn and bean mosaic projects are perfect Thanksgiving crafts for kids because you can’t mess them up!

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kids thanksgiving crafts


Double Sided Adhesive Sheets (Here are the Sheets I Use)Dried Corn, Beans and Peas of all sizes, shapes and colors (ask each kid to bring one bag to help share costs)

Cardstock sheets in various colors

Box of Cornmeal

easy crafts for kids


Stick one side of the adhesive sheet on to a sheet of cardstock.  Let each child pick which color they would like.

Place beans, corn, peas etc., in small bowls around the table so the kids can reach them easily.

Let the kids decorate the exposed adhesive side however they would like with the beans, corn and peas.  

Once they have completed their picture, cover the picture with corn meal and then shake off the excess. The corn meal will cover any adhesive/sticky spots that are still exposed.

easy thanksgiving crafts for kids

easy thanksgiving crafts for kids

easy thanksgiving crafts for kids

This is such an easy and fun craft for kids.  It is amazing to see how each picture turns out so differently even with all the kids using the same supplies.  I love to see their little personalities coming through in each piece of artwork.

I hope you will have fun making this easy kids Thanksgiving craft.  They will have a blast and you should get in on the fun too!

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Happy crafting!


Easy kids thanksgiving crafts

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