Easy Roasted Vegetables Recipe : Easy Side Dish Ideas

I am always on the hunt for healthy, delicious and most importantly EASY side dish ideas.  My kids are good about eating vegetables as long as they taste good, and fortunately, this easy roasted vegetables recipe is SO good it will have the kids begging for more.  Mine did last night!  These deliciously seasoned roasted vegetables are tender inside and caramelized on the outside.  They are a perfect side dish for almost any meal.

easy roasted vegetables recipe

I always feel more excited to cook things when they look pretty, and this bowl full of fresh vegetables is about as gorgeous as it gets!  When it comes to finding the best vegetables to roast, you can roast most any vegetable…but I prefer root vegetables like potatoes, carrots and onions.  I did add some brussel sprouts into this mix too because they are just yummy and do really well in the oven.

roasted vegetable recipe

For this roasted vegetable recipe I picked up small red potatoes, heirloom carrots, a couple of sweet onions and brussel sprouts.  You can find all of these at Trader Joe’s in the perfect size packages for a family.

best roasted vegetables ever


Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees

Wash and chop vegetables into bite size pieces. If you are using the heirloom carrots from Trader Joe’s they come already prepped and ready to roast.  You don’t need to cut them.  They look beautiful in the dish whole.  I also love the color they add.

roasted vegetable recipe

Place vegetables into a bowl and mix together and toss with:

olive oil (just enough to coat your veggies)



best roasted vegetables ever

I also like to add garlic powder and onion powder to mine if you want some added flavor, but just salt and pepper is yummy too!

best roasted vegetables ever

Spread chopped and seasoned vegetables onto a sheet pan ( I use these )

Cook for 40-45 minutes, flipping/stirring vegetables once half way through cooking

easy roasted vegetables recipe

These oven roasted root vegetables taste absolutely divine with seriously minimal effort.

I like to serve my roasted vegetables with grilled chicken or a Sunday roast.  With the potatoes mixed in, it eliminates the need for a more time consuming side dish like mashed potatoes.

roasted vegetables recipe

These are the best roasted vegetables ever and they are such a beautiful, rustic side dish.  They will definitely impress your family and guests.

I hope that you will try making these.  Confession time…I hadn’t even tried making these until about a year ago.  I always just assumed it was a time consuming and difficult dish to make because whenever I had them at restaurants they were so delicious.  I wish I would have just looked up an easy recipe sooner, instead of wasting all of these years not making them!

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happy cooking!



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