Sweets: How to Frost a Cupcake!

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Ever wonder how your favorite bakery frosts their cupcakes so perfectly? It isn’t as hard as you might think. You just need the right tools, equipment and technique! The tools and equipment are affordable and easy to find, and in just a few short steps I can show you how to get the professional look every home baker wants!

First, the tools and equipment. You’ll need to buy disposable pastry bags and a pastry tip, plus a coupler to hold the tip in place inside the pastry bag. All are readily available at your local craft store. I’ve used the Wilton 1M tip for this project, along with Wilton’s large coupler and disposable pastry bags. Place the assembled bag into a large cup. This will help you to neatly fill the pastry bag.

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Next, tuck the tip to the side and fold the top of the pastry bag over the rim of the glass:

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Now you’re ready to fill your pastry bag. Start by filling the bag with your favorite frosting recipe (or store bought if you’re in a pinch):

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Next, remove the bag from the glass and start to shake the frosting so it settles to the bottom of the bag, towards the tip:

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You’ll more than likely need to squeeze the frosting with your fingertips to get it settled at the bottom:

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Now, you’re all ready to begin piping your frosting onto your cupcakes. Twist the top of the bag closed and hold it in one hand. With the other hand, begin on the outside of the cupcake, and with a circular motion move towards the center, putting gentle pressure on the frosting in the bag:

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Continue towards the center:

cupcakes 9

Finish with a nice little swoop upward:

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Here’s the finished product:

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The fun part of this project is the practicing. Who cares how many times it takes to get right when the mistakes are equally delicious! I always add a little dash of sprinkles at the end (sprinkles make everything better):

cupcakes 3

Everyone can frost like a pro! To see more of my sweet treats, check out Society Sweet’s Instagram, and you can also check out all of my other baking tips, tricks and recipes here on the blog:

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Cupcakes featured

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