Sweets: Rainbow Cake, a Second Way!

rainbow cupcake header

Remember last week we made a gloriously tall rainbow cake for St. Patrick’s Day? Well why not kill two rainbows with one stone? If you’re going to all the trouble of coloring your cake batter six ways, let’s use that leftover goodness to make a whole new treat!

cupcake with tie dye wrapper

It’s simple as can be. Fill cupcake wrappers with a spoonful of each color of batter. Make sure you get your rainbow colors in order; start with purple on the bottom, then blue, green, yellow, orange and finish with red! Bake according to your recipe’s directions. When you bite into that little St. Patty’s Day treasure you get this:

cupcake with bite

If it’s any motivation, my teenage son said this idea was “so rad”. I take that as high praise. Kids of all ages will love this happy-go-lucky surprise-inside cupcake. Enjoy!

To see more of my sweet treats, check out Society Sweet’s Instagram!

Rainbow cupcake header

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