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When it came to remodeling the 1987 Fixer Upper we worked at lightening speed. In 4.5 months we knocked out a complete remodel inside and out of a 6200 sf home. That was FAST! It had a lot to do with the fact that my uncle and I lived on site throughout the remodel and kept things moving…many times staying up until 2-3am working, working, working. I was motivated right afterwards to get a lot of things done, but bottom line is, decorating just takes time and some patience. Last year we tackled the front yard…or at least a little part of it that was in need of some serious help. This year I am all about backyard decorating ideas. 

backyard decorating ideas

Our backyard has been one of the spaces that has had NO attention. The weather here just isn’t good long enough to really enjoy it…and we travel so much that when the weather is alright, Ash and I have made a break for the beach. 😉 Well, this year, with all the stay at home orders, the backyard decorating is taking more of a priority because we are going to be around a lot more. I have big plans…they include a pretty black pergola off the back of the house, a cool outdoor cement tile patio, dedicated fire pit area (or fireplace if I’m lucky!), maybe a small pool…the list goes on. 😉 We’re going to start small though, so we can at least get things going. First and most importantly is some patio furniture so we can enjoy sitting outside. I’ll figure out how to store it in the winter months later! 😉 I have had these images from a Studio McGee backyard pinned for a long time. It’s exactly the feel I want for the sitting area. 

backyard decorating ideas

So clean and pretty. I love that herringbone brick patio. If the bottom half of our house wasn’t gray brick I would totally use that for a patio too! Here’s a mood board of my backyard decorating ideas. 

I LOVE that furniture! It’s practically identical to the pieces from my inspiration image. You can buy the pieces individually, or if you want to start with 2 chairs, a sofa and a coffee table, this set is a better price that buying the pieces separately. 

backyard decorating ideas

I am thinking at this point that I will go with the black and white striped rug to bring in some contrast. Once we have the patterned patio installed, I will probably switch to more of a jute rug like this one.

backyard decorating ideas

This concrete fire pit is so pretty. We spend a lot of time around the fire. I love that it takes everyone outside, away from the TV and phones. We stream one of our favorite French music stations (TSF Jazz) and chat and make smores. It’s such great family time, so a fire pit is a must!

Screen shot 2020 05 15 at 5 59 30 pm

Until we get the pergola built…which will be at least a year, if not longer…I will buy a couple of these umbrellas to shade us from the sun. The days are LONG in Utah during the summer…it doesn’t get dark until 10pm, so we need shade even into the evening. I love the shape of these umbrellas and I may opt for the black, again for more contrast…but the white is beautiful for a more serene look. 

backyard decorating ideas

We have these lights already and they are GREAT! WE string them up in the trees and leave them all year. They survive the winter months no problem and give the yard such a festive look.

best backyard string lights

Finally, I’ll soften the patio up with some of these lanterns with battery operated candles, and these concrete planters that will tie in with the concrete fire pit. Our backyard is fairly green and tree covered in the summer, but I love the addition of greenery and some flowers in these planter boxes to make things softer and prettier. 

backyard decorating ideas Screen shot 2020 05 15 at 6 07 05 pm

I still need to pull together the dining area, and figure that out, but I am super excited to get started on this part of the backyard decorating! I’ll probably finish just in time for winter. 😉

I hope you are feeling inspired to get outside and make a pretty space. It is so nice to escape outdoors these days….especially since our options for gathering and getting out are limited. 

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