DIY Coasters : Perfect for Game Night and Gifts

As the kids get older and all of our schedules get busier we have found it harder and harder to find time where all four of us are in the same spot.  Does that happen at your house?  When I was growing up we had dedicated family time both on Sunday afternoons after church and Monday nights after 6pm, or what we would call “Family Night.”  I distinctly remember many Sundays gathered around the table at my grandmother’s house (I was fortunate to grow up just down the street from nearly all of my extended family).  

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DIY Coasters

At church I would always whisper into her ear “can we come to your house for dinner?  Don’t tell my mom I asked you!”  As I think about that now it makes me laugh.  It was literally EVERY Sunday!  Like my mom didn’t know I was putting her up to it each week!  Monday nights were spent teaching little gospel lessons, eating yummy treats and reading scriptures.  This dedicated time spent with family is definitely the reason I have such close relationships with my aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents and siblings today.

DIY Coasters

From the time they were just little, we have tried to continue this same tradition with our kids.  Recently we have tried to take things one step further.  After a talk I listened to a few months ago entitled “Good, Better, and Best” I realized that I could take that family time we were spending on Sunday afternoons after church and instead of just calling it family time while we watch TV, we could make it a little bit better by turning off the electronics and engaging in more interactive family fun. The video games are now turned off and we have become different kinds of gamers…board gamers!

DIY Coasters

Game night is always more fun with something yummy to eat, so while I was at the store I picked up some M&M’s.  We planned on playing Jenga this weekend, but I was also talked into buying Twister game by a teenager who insisted it would be hilarious to play as a family.  He was right. 😉

My little crafter and I spent some time together coming up with some fun DIY coasters that we could make together and that would be a fun addition to our game night table.  These wood game piece coasters take just minutes to make, are super cute and useful, and would make a cute gift for any gamer you know.


(I bought these) The cork base stabilizes the coaster and keeps it from scratching your table surface. 

(we used Scrabble pieces)


Step 1: Coat your cork coaster with white tacky glue.  (I just put a big blob on the coaster and rub it around with my finger)

DIY Coasters

Step 2: Place letter tiles on top of the glue, covering the cork coaster

DIY Coasters

Let the coasters dry for a few hours and then they are read to use on your game table!  How easy is that?

DIY Coasters

DIY Coasters

They look super cute wrapped up to give as a gift too, and would be a fun idea for neighbors, teachers and fellow gamers…

DIY Coasters
DIY Coasters

I hope you enjoy making these super cute and easy DIY coasters. They are great family craft project that will get a lot of use!

These game nights give our family such quality time together.  The kids talk and laugh about things and tell us stories that we would probably never hear if we just spent time passing each other in the hallway or watching TV on the couch.  Do you have a favorite game you like to play?  What are some fun ways that you guys like to spend time together as a family?  I am always on the look out for more fun ideas!

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Happy Crafting!



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8 thoughts on “DIY Coasters : Perfect for Game Night and Gifts”

  1. Hi Tammy! Aren’t those memories precious? My grandma used to take us on Sunday drives after church, we would all sing choruses as we drove. 🙂 Btw… those coasters are adorable!! Love them!! Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It! I look forward to seeing more of your creativity this year!

  2. Coming to you via Wine’d Down. How stinking cute! Love these coasters! I’m obsessed with coasters and my family are gamers!!! Board gamers! I spend so much time with the kids playing Play Nine, Sequence, Monopoly. The hubs and the kids play Settlers of Catan almost every weekend!


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