DIY Organization Ideas : DIY Non-Slip Hangers for your closet

January makes all of us want to organize, right?  I think it has something to do with the influx of new things that come in during the holidays…especially kids stuff. We need room to store new clothes and toys, and if your house is anything like mine, we do not have extra space, which means something has to go! 😉  I always find myself cleaning out the kid’s closets in January.  Organizing them feels SO good…almost like therapy. 😉   (If you want some helpful tips for organizing your closets, you can find my favorite DIY organization ideas in this post.)  One of the things that drives me absolutely bananas about the kid’s closets is the number of clothes in piles on the floor of the closet.  Does that happen at your house too?  I started buying non-slip hangers (I love them in my closet!), and they seemed to help the problem, but the hangers themselves were always ending up on the floor and getting stepped on and broken.  Ugh.  They are kind of pricey, so that wasn’t making anyone too happy. 😉 When I was cleaning out Ashley’s closet the other day I was organizing her craft supplies and clothes and the piles of yarn gave me an idea.
DIY organization ideas

I grabbed a couple of her practically indestructible plastic hangers and whipped up a couple of DIY non-slip hangers.  Each one probably took me 5 minutes to make, so I made quite a few during an episode of The Bachelor. 😉

DIY organization ideas

To make each hanger you just need heavy duty plastic hangers and yarn.  I obviously mixed colors, but that isn’t necessary.  I just have a disease where I have to add a million colors to everything because it looks so fun. 😉  To make it easier to wrap, I cut about a 1 yard piece of yarn from the big bunch and that was plenty to wrap one side of the hanger.  It was much easier to work with!    I tied a double knot at the top and wrapped to my heart’s content.  Once I wrapped it as far as I wanted, I tied it off.  It’s that simple!  The result of wrapping yarn around her plastic hangers was a cute and useful tool for some closet organization.  I love them! We have seen fewer broken hangers and fewer clothes on the floor…win!

diy organization ideas

diy organization ideas

I hope you find this DIY easy and helpful!  Looking for more DIY organization ideas?  You can find all kinds of helpful and fun tips and tricks in our DIY gallery.  If you have a little person in your house that makes your life difficult trying to get them dressed too, check out this post…it might help!

Happy organizing!



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2 thoughts on “DIY Organization Ideas : DIY Non-Slip Hangers for your closet”

  1. How cute! This is perfect for little kids clothes, because who wants to spend a fortune on hangers that they will just grow out of in a few years, right?

    Plus, I love all the mixed colors too. I’m always telling my kids that I don’t have one favorite color…they’re all good at different times!


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