Pretty Pillows for Every Budget

With fall looming on the horizon, I naturally start to think about what new pillows I can mix into our every day decor to start making things feel a little bit more “fallish” around here. If you know me, you know I love pillows and think they are the easiest way to totally update your space and change the look for the seasons. Pillows can get insanely expensive based on the designer fabrics, whether they are covered on both sides with those fabrics etc., but there are SO many pretty pillows for every budget available right now, it’s awesome!!

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Pretty Pillows for Every Budget

Companies like Walmart have partnered with stores like the GAP to bring in pretty, affordable pillows. Here are a couple of my favorite pillows available at Walmart right now…

Target has it’s super popular line with Studio McGee which is definitely a favorite of mine.  One of my favorite things about the Studio McGee pillows from Target is that the covers are removable, which means I can swap out the cheaper pillow fill, and replace it with some of my favorite pillow inserts that instantly make the pillow feel much more expensive. 

I just recently ordered this pillow and I LOVE it!!

Threshold with Studio McGee Pillows

Here are a few more favorites from Target right now…

Amazon has some of my favorite designer pillows for $10! Yep, you read that right!! $10! I have read about these and they all seem to be roughly 18×18 in size. I typically use a 20×20 for most couches and beds, but for $10…I’ll make do! I believe these must be prints on canvas, rather than the actual fabric, but I will order some and report back. They get good reviews, so that’s awesome!

Let’s talk about pillow inserts for a minutes. In my opinion, the right pillow insert, can make most any pillow cover look high end. If your family is anything like mine, we like to actually LAY on our pillows, not just stare at them looking pretty on the couch. That would never fly in my house. 😉 Down pillow inserts are what most people are familiar with for the ability to fluff them up and make them look nice, but there are several awesome down alternative pillow inserts that I actually like WAY better than down. Not just for allergy purposes, but because I think they are much more comfortable to lay on. I get mine on Amazon from this pillow shop. They have pretty much every size you can think of and I think you will love them as much as I do. Order an insert that is slightly bigger (2 inches is good) than your pillow cover. If you have an 18×18 cover, get a 20×20 pillow insert etc., for maximum fullness. 

Shop the pillows from my collage above by clicking on any image for more information about the pillows pictured. 

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Happy designing!


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