The Giving Manger: A Beautiful Christmas Tradition

Each year I really try to find  a way to help my kids and our family celebrate the true reason for the Christmas season.  It can be hard to get kids and even us adults sometimes to remember that Christmas is more than just pretty decorations, fun gift lists, parties and yummy food.  Affiliate links are included in this post.

the giving manger

We have had an Elf on a Shelf for many years, and while that is SUPER fun, this year, we are starting a new tradition as well, thanks to The Giving Manger.

the giving manger

A few talented mommas in my neighborhood started this beautiful new Christmas tradition that helps families focus on giving and serving at the holidays, the true meaning of and the spirit of the Christmas season.  Included in each box set is a beautiful book, a handmade clay sculpture of a baby Jesus, a wood manger and a bunch of straw.  The book tells the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus.  It encourages each of us to spend the Christmas season laying hay in our Giving Manger so that baby Jesus has a soft place to rest His head.

the giving manger

Each piece of straw represents an act of service completed by someone in your family.  As the month of December passes, each family member completes acts of service and each time they do, they lay a piece of hay in the giving manger.  These pieces of straw are our gifts to the Savior at this special time of year.

the giving manger

Making a bed, cooking a meal, writing a nice note, helping a neighbor with their groceries, you get the idea.  Little bits of kindness spread throughout our days that help us remember and stay focused on The Savior.

the giving manger

giving manger 5

the giving manger

I think The Giving Manger is one of the greatest new Christmas products to hit the shelves this year.  What a beautiful gift for family members, friends and neighbors to help them start the tradition with their own families.  If you are interested in getting your own Giving Manger or gifting one to friends or family, you can find more information here:
The Giving Manger

Have a wonderful day!

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The giving manger

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