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Good Morning! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. John was in town for four days, so we sneaked in as much family time as we could in between work meetings and school commitments. Work has been insanely stressful for John for the last couple of years and it just seems to always be building to a fever pitch. It’s hard on all of us, and time together, especially time when we aren’t all just completely wiped is rare. It was so nice to be all together…I definitely don’t take it for granted.


I start 90% of my days with a 5-6 mile walk. the weather lately has been a little unpredictable. Monday Ash and I headed out and when the forecast called for some showers but it looked clear when we set out. That quickly changed about 15 minutes in. 

It was just some light showers for a minute as a cloud passed over head, but Ash was pretty sure we weren’t going to make it home! 😉 She was cracking me up taking shelter under the tree. Fortunately things cleared up the rest of the week and we had sunny skies and perfect walking weather. We usually walk by our community pool about 4 miles in and on Friday it was warm enough that I was ready to dive in! 😉


Of course I am the worst at snapping a picture with our dear, dear friends of 20 years when we went out to dinner on Friday night. It was the second 3+ hour meal I had this week. On Wednesday I was lucky enough to grab linch with another sweet friend that I have known just as long and we were practically there until dinner we chatted so long. On Friday night we nearly shut the restaurant down. There is something that is just  SO cathartic about being able to just spend time with those you love and know so well you can just talk for hours. It is good for the soul.


The happiest place on earth. Yep, it still is. Even though I feel like Disney has really ruined the magic…I could go on and on about this topic…we decided to get passes again this year. We haven’t had them since Covid hit, but before that we had had passes almost every year since Andy was 6 months old. With Disneyland right down the street it always made sense to have them so we had a fun destination to go and spend time as a family, and with Southern California passes it really made it so nice. Ashley is particularly Disney obsessed and because she is only home for another year, we decided to take advantage of getting to spend quality time together there this year. 

While not always the most enthusiastic Disney dad, John has made an effort to really yuck it up for Ash this year and it is cracking me up taking ALL the Disney pictures with his girl…and carrying his very own magic Key holder popcorn bucket that he brings with him every time on a lanyard so he can take advantage of his $1.50 refills. Such a goofball. Total dad move. lol!

What is your favorite Disney treat? Mine…is a churro…hands down. Don’t get me wrong…I still love dole whip and mint juleps and Mickey beignets…oh and corn dogs…HA! but no one makes a churro like Disneyland. I don’t know what it is, but it is fried cinnamon sugar perfection. 

Did you know you can get free fairy dust at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique? This cute fairy godmother was standing outside just  waiting to sprinkle anyone that asks with glitter. Of course Ash can’t ever resist!

We were lucky enough to get a spot in the insanely long queue of the new Mickey ride that just opened last week. Our boarding group was called 30 minutes before the ride closed so we barely made it on after waiting ALL day. It was really cute and Ash was thrilled to check it out. 


I did a little shopping this weekend. Here are some fun things that I found. Some are making their way home this week…


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