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Happy Monday! I hope you had a beautiful weekend doing something that you love. We’re having a bit of a rough re-entry today. Spring break was last week so we were a little off our normal schedule with lots of staying up late, sleeping in, and doing fun things around town. I wish every week could be like that! 🙂 Monday morning started off with my favorite daily activity. My daily walk. I love this pretty scenery and the chance to be outside, see the sun, do something good for myself and spend a couple of hours with a dear friend. 

Many of you know I have spent much of the last 16 months working hard to take better care of myself. That includes a daily six mile walk that I really look forward to. This week was extra fun because Ash was able to join me since she didn’t have school. It was fun to change up the route one morning and go walk around the gorgeous harbor.

One of my favorite things about walking around the harbor are the darling seals. They are so fun to watch (and listen to.) They look like puppies all pied up together napping. SO cute!

It was SO hot on Thursday and Friday. I could not believe that at 4:30 on Thursday afternoon it was over 100 degrees in Newport Beach!!!

The heat had me convinced that I better get serious about getting a few spring pieces to add to my wardrobe since I’ve been living in sweats and sweatshirts. It’s time for some dresses and short sleeves for sure!! I ordered a few cute pieces that are on sale. 

Here’s what I picked up…we’ll see what fits when it gets here! 😉

I picked John up from the airport and we headed for a walk around Balboa Island and then kicked off his birthday weekend with dinner at one of my favorite spots…The Farmhouse at Roger’s Gardens. The benefit of a hot day…a gorgeous night to dine alfresco!

Those bougainvillea!!! So gorgeous!!

This gazebo was the original bandstand from Disneyland that was there on opening day in 1955. It is the centerpiece of the restaurant and I think it’s so cool!

We have two birthdays in 6 days the first week of April every year, so we celebrated with Andy over the phone last weekend, and then with John later this past week. I try to take a phone selfie every week when we talk with Andy so I’ll have a little record of our weekly chats. 

John was excited to head to the Long Beach Grand Prix this weekend for his birthday. In all these years of living in Orange County, we have never gone…it was SO much fun!!

I always love the National Anthem and fun fly overs and flags at sporting events. This parachute team with the flags were SO cool! They came from so far away and made a perfect landing in this tiny spot on the track. So impressive!!

Downtown Long Beach makes for such a pretty place to have a track through the city. Friday was so hot, but Saturday was PERFECT!

Next time you have hankering for a Carne Asada burrito and you find yourself in LA, hit up King Taco. SO good. Best sporting event food I’ve had in awhile. 

We are super lucky to have a friend who has worked for the Indy car circuit, so he was able to get us these great pit passes that let us see all the behind the scenes action. It’s incredible how they just have spare parts for all the cars sitting around so they can swap them out in a second. 

Meeting some of the drivers was definitely a highlight. They were so friendly and more than happy to chat and take pictures. Such a great time! If you’re not a racing fan, you might recognize Helio Castroneves from Dancing with the Stars. Such a nice guy!

We ended this week with a little bit of an “oh-no!” moment when I discovered this spot on the ceiling in the garage….

I could not believe what I was seeing…ANOTHER leak!! After just having one in the SLC house a couple of weeks ago resulting in the removal of brand new carpet and padding, and just completing the renovation on the OC house after a major leak took out the downstairs, my heart almost couldn’t handle it! Fortunately, I caught it early and it was an easy fix…not we just have some drywall to fix…but still. So unbelievable!!!  

Such a fun week with my people. I hate it when everyone has to go back to their regularly scheduled program! 😉 

I hope that you have a great week!





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