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Happy Tuesday night. 😉 I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and are feeling great and rested this week. How lucky a re we to have almost a whole week between Thanksgiving and December?! I feel like I can breathe a little bit whenever we get that extra week. I know I usually try and do these week in review posts on Monday, but with the holiday weekend I was lazy…and then I got sick. SO I’m finally feeling a bit more like I have some energy and want to do something! 🙂 I’m hoping this cold disappears quickly as I have to fly on Thursday and flying with a stuffed sinuses is no bueno! 

I pretty much felt like the puppers up above all week and probably ended up sick because this last week was CRAZY! We kicked things off with a 48 hour trip to Kansas City…I mean, why not fly half way across the country two days before Thanksgiving when you are hosting, to run to a football game, right? lol! 😉

Can we tell men planned this trip? It was a trip for work for closing a deal and it was tons of fun, but the timing was a little nuts. We left on Sunday morning and arrived to a VERY rainy Kansas City.

It rained the ENTIRE time we were there. Of course we grabbed some awesome BBQ right away.

The game was so fun! I love football, but I haven’t been to NFL games. Kansas City sure knows how to put on a show and make a game extra exciting!

We were so lucky. It was FREEZING…about 39 degrees and pouring. When we got to the stadium we had no idea where our seats were. When we realized they were under the overhang above we were so grateful! Any other night wouldn’t have been a problem to be out in the open, but that night we were sure happy to have a cover over our heads!

The game didn’t turn out how we hoped, but it was a great night. If only Taylor had been there, I think I would have been able to see her…so close. 😉

We flew home Tuesday afternoon and landed just in time to kick the Thanksgiving prep into high gear.

I am so grateful for a cute daughter that is so incredibly helpful! She did all the grocery shopping for me and got the guest room ready for grandma and grandpa while I was gone. They arrived early Wednesday afternoon so I didn’t have much time! I made tons of stuff Tuesday night which actually made Wednesday and Thursday a lot easier than they usually are. 

best Thanksgiving stuffing recipe with apples

I actually had enough time to set a proper table this year. In the six years that we have lived in UT, we have never eaten in the dining room. Can you believe it?

I was excited to make things look nice and use the big dining room for a change. 

I picked up some place card holders when we were in Nashville as my souvenir and I was excited to put them to use.

I love to make orange rolls each holiday season and no one loves them more than Andy. It makes me so happy when I see his face light up when he bites into a fresh one out of the oven. He said this year’s were the best ever. 

That is the face of pure joy. I had to sneak a picture. 😉

Creamed corn was a new addition to the menu this year. I think we’ll keep it, it was a hit. I even managed to get dressed this year…usually I am so busy I do Thanksgiving in my sweats so of course we had to take a picture to commemorate the occasion. HA!

Sunday we celebrated Jack’s 6th birthday.

He loves nothing more than a walk and a roll in the snow, so these guys braved 26 degree temps and took him out to enjoy a walk. I was already under the weather, so I stayed in. He seriously starts jumping around the house as soon as you say the word walk. It is SO funny. I love that guy so much. I can’t believe he is six. Time flies. 

The house in Provo is getting almost wrapped up this week. By Wednesday we should be dare I say 95% done? Fingers crossed things go smoothly!

I’ll give you an update next week.

Have a great week!




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