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Hello Monday! How are you feeling after losing an hour of sleep yesterday? I don’t know why that always hits me WAY harder than it should, but here we are, tired and looking to go to bed at 7pm. 😉 John had some work meetings this week so I tagged along and we stayed for the weekend to make a little trip out of it. It’s always fun to get to explore a different city for awhile a try new restaurants along with some old favorites. Here’s a little of what’s been happening this week…

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Around the House : Projects & Updates

I have been on the hunt for drapes for the Alumni House. We have our favorite temporary paper blinds doing the job right now, and frankly they will probably be there much longer than anyone would like, but I am trying! I ordered a few weeks ago and they finally arrived…

amazon two pages drapes

Unfortunately, the colors are just all wrong. On the website they are called “Midnight” and in the pictures they looked very dark blue. When they arrived (and even this picture doesn’t do it justice) they are super teal and green. I wanted something with some pattern, but after exhausting my search, I just can’t find the right fabric, so I’m afraid they are going to end up being a plain linen. Oh well! The drapes themselves get amazing reviews and the price can’t be beat, so hopefully one of their plain colors will work better for me! 

Customer Favorites : Best Sellers This Week


New on the Blog: In Case You Missed It

This week’s posting agenda is full of recipes, home decor and prepping for summer travel…I can’t wait to share them all! Here are some great recent posts in case you missed them!

Life & Family: This Week’s Happenings

Have you been to Dallas? It’s funny. We were offered a job there a few years back and at the time I just couldn’t imagine living there. I had never been there before, but I went twice, looking for houses and it just didn’t feel right. It was kind of a rough time in our lives. Fast forward a few years and I’ve now had the chance to spend time there on a few occasions for work meetings and I LOVE Dallas!! I realize now, that the reason I couldn’t imagine myself living there was because the job just wasn’t right. Not long after John was offered the job, the company went under. Had we taken the job and moved our family across the country it would have been a bad deal. Fortunately, we were blessed with that yucky “don’t take the job” feeling and it all worked out. But now…if the circumstances were right…I could totally live there! 

We headed straight from the airport to grab BBQ, duh. 😉 I know Dallas isn’t typically known for BBQ, but a lot of the good places from all over TX now have locations there and it is easy to find amazing BBQ all over town!

We stayed for the first few nights at The Thompson Dallas to be closer to meetings. It was a super fun downtown hotel. I’ll write more about it in a proper post later. 

thompson dallas

We had a dinner one night at the most beautiful restaurant…Perry’s. The views and the food were incredible!

perry's dallas

A must-do item on our list every time we’re in town…find a Buc-ees. 😉 If you know, you know. If you don’t know…go if you get the chance!! It’s definitely a sight to behold!


While John was on calls all afternoon on Friday, I found some model homes to check out. I don’t mind if he works a lot if I have some fun houses to wonder through. 😉 

dallas model homes

After several days of rain, Saturday was gorgeous!! Mid 60s and sunny. We hit the Katy Trail and wandered all over the city. It is SUCH a nice thing to have in the middle of the city! 

katy trail

The Katy Ice House is a totally fun…and insanely crowded place to hang out on a gorgeous day and is right along the trail.

katy ice house

I am the worst at taking pictures of people, but we had the chance to get together with some of our dearest neighbors and friends that moved from OC to Dallas many years ago. I just love their family and it was SO good to reconnect and spend some quality time together. 

It was a wonderful trip. I did get to wander my favorite neighborhood, Highland Park, as well. I drool over the houses there.;) I know I need to go spend some time there in July & August to make sure I really like it, but there are so many great restaurants, such great shopping and so many fun things to do, it will be hard to change my mind…but humidity and giant bugs might do it! 😉

Up & Coming 

We have a birthday girl in the house this week. Lots on the schedule for fun and turning 18! I can’t believe it’s happening! I’ll look forward to sharing the festivities next week.

Here are those weekly TJ Maxx finds as promised. You know they sell out so quickly, so if you see something you love, I wouldn’t wait! 



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