Week in Review

Another busy week is in the books! Once the days get longer I feel like they go faster…does that happen to anyone else? Maybe just because there’s more to get done, who knows…but whatever the reason, it flew by. Here’s a little of what’s been happening around here this week.

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Around the House : Projects & Updates

arrived for the Alumni House….and then promptly had to be returned because it had weird spots ALL over the painted finish. SAD!! The delivery guys were cute and noticed it as they were unpacking it and called me out to say…you might not want to keep this. It never even made it in the house.

week in review

Are you surprised that it’s blue? 😉 I have been eyeing this piece for a couple of years, waiting for just the right place to put it, and this is the spot!

It’s like this place was made for it. 😉 The good news is another one is on the way and will arrive in a few weeks. I loved at least getting to see it in person because I had only seen it online. It’s a gorgeous piece…even better in person!

Customer Favorites : Best Sellers This Week

best sellers

New on the Blog: In Case You Missed It

This week’s posting agenda is full of recipes, home decor and prepping for summer travel…I can’t wait to share them all! Here are some great recent posts in case you missed them!

Life & Family : This Week’s Happenings

There’s a birthday girl in the house! (Or at least there was this weekend! 😉 We partied it up with Ash and her friends and she became an official adult.

It’s so funny, since starting college in January she has been doing everything she can to avoid having to answer any questions about her age. She was mortified when in the first week of school she wanted to go to a roller skating night on campus and she had to send me a permission slip because the wouldn’t let her sign it. HA! Poor girl. As much as I don’t like her not being a child anymore, it’s about time I guess. 😉

We celebrated all weekend with her best friend from OC arriving Friday afternoon. It was a very happy reunion!

Saturday John and I stopped at Costco for some dog food and a few things to make dinner on Sunday for the kids and what do you know, we ended up coming home with something we really didn’t need. HA! 🙂 John was so excited about this, and his birthday is soon too, so why not! lol!

We were able to get some tickets to a basketball game on Saturday night for her and her dorm friends. They had a great time. they are seriously the NICEST and most respectful kids. Such a pleasure to be around.

Sunday was spent having a big dinner to celebrate and of course the birthday girl made her own cake. 😉

We sure love our girl.

It is so fun to watch her living her best college life and having so much fun with wonderful friends that are kind and celebrate her too.

Such a fun weekend. And now I officially don’t have any more kids in my family. 

Up & Coming

I’m heading for sunshine this week and some quality time with friends in OC. I can’t wait! It’s hard to believe that when we get home we’re 5 weeks away from a wedding!! Crazy!! I have some major planning to do! Just found out last night that we’re having it at the house as the other location fell through…so we are kicking things into high gear! 


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