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Hi! Happy Monday! We’re kicking the week off with a rainy day, which is kind of a fun change for around these parts. Well…at least I think it will rain. 😉 They’ve been building up this storm for a week, telling us is going to be huge…which usually means we’ll see some drizzle if we’re lucky. 😉 Rain is supposed to start later this morning…so we’ll see! I for one am hoping it happens. I love a little cozy rainy day every once in awhile. 

This week was full of a lot of nothing. lol! My back has been out since last Monday and well, that means a lot of sitting around.  It also means a lot of naps…fortunately I have two little friends around here that are pro-nappers and love a good afternoon snooze with me. 😉

They crack me up!! If only we could all be that comfortable and carefree! lol!

We also watched a lot of TV together…Sam is a real renaissance man. He loves watching animal planet, Lady and the Tramp, pretty much any sport with a ball, and the news. HA!

Lucky for me I have some awesome friends that are always up to a bunch of fun and are willing to make sure that Ash doesn’t have to be stuck at home with her old mom. ;0 They whisked her away to a fun Marvel movie premiere in Hollywood on Monday and an awesome high school football game on Friday. 

A bright spot in the week was definitely a few fun Christmas goodies arriving. I LOVE a fun delivery day! Here are a few of the things that arrived…

Love these cute little crocheted trees. 

This gold star garland is so pretty and the price point is great too! I am a total sucker for stars!

I love the dainty, natural look of this garland for the tree. I can’t wait to put it up!

The natural color of these bottle brush trees is really pretty. They will fit in perfectly with this year’s Christmas color palette…I shared a sneak peek on Instagram, so I’ll share it here too! I’m so excited!

I’m on the hunt for a new project. John and I saw this house built in 1954 pop up online and so I had him take a field trip to see it. I don’t think this is going to be the one, but the views sure are pretty!

I can’t wait to talk to my Missionary today! He is so stinkin’ cute. I might be a little bit biased, but I think he’s pretty great! I’m sure I’ll be spending most of my week here, watching this guy watch the world go by. 😉 It’s my new work spot so that I can open up the front door, put up the baby gate and give the boys something fun to look at. They are loving it. 

I am off to try and squeeze a walk in before the storm hits! My back is finally feeling about 80% so I don’t know how far I’ll make it, but I’m going to try! I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


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