German Glass Glitter DIY Monogram Ornaments

I have a new obsession.  Don’t worry.  It still involves glitter. 😉  I have been wanting to make something with German Glass Glitter for years now, but for whatever reason, I just haven’t gotten around to it.  I love the chunky-ness of it and the vintage feel.  As an added bonus, it catches the light in such an amazing way.  I checked some of my favorite affiliate sites and ordered some German glass glitter a few months ago in preparation for Christmas crafting. 😉  A few weeks ago I was at a major retailer and saw these German Glass Glitter Monogram ornaments and decided that they were the perfect DIY project.  I picked up some chipboard letters similar to these

german glass glitter

MATERIALS  (affilliate links included for your convenience)

German glass glitter

Tacky Glue

Paint Brush

chipboard letters

Twine (there are lots of different types/thicknesses of jute twine, but this one I’ve linked is the one I used for this project…and many others!)

Heavy Duty Hole Punch (I use this one, it punches through thick things like chipboard like buttah!)



1.Paint your chipboard letter with glue (you can always use your finger too…I do that a lot if I don’t want to get a paintbrush all yucky)

2. Dip sticky side of letter in glitter

german glass glitter

german glass glitter

3. After your glue has dried, use a small hole punch to punch a hole in the top of your letter (some letters will need 2 holes like this M, it will depend on what letter you are using)

german glass glitter

german glass glitter ornaments diy

4. Tie your twine through the holes and you’re all set!

german glass glitter
german glass glitter

Please know, that the reason glass glitter is called glass glitter is that it is made of crushed glass. 😉 SO, needless to say, this probably isn’t a good project for the kiddos. It is very unlikely that it will cut you, but I still like to take precautions when using it. I make sure to not spill it all over the floor (like I usually do with regular glitter) 😉 and I don’t run my hands through it. 😉 Just to let you know. 😉

You can find tons of fun and easy DIY crafts and printables in our DIY Gallery here.

Happy crafting!


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German glass glitter diy ornaments

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