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If you’re anything like me you are DREADING even the thought of back to school…but sadly enough I know that it is just around the corner…as a matter of fact I know that many people in places like Arizona are headed back in the next week or two.  Yep!  In JULY!!!  Yikes!  SO, I thought I better get my act together and create a free back to school printable for those of you that are going to need it soon.   We ALL do the obligatory first day of school picture with them holding up a sign with their grade on it, so why not have a cute one, am I right?  I think these free back to school printable flashcards are pretty fun, but I might be biased. 😉

free back to school printable

You can print each of these out on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper.  I made them black and white so they are EASY to print from home.  I use a heavy weight white cardstock that I buy at WalMart for all my printables.  It makes it easier for the kids to hold on to it for their pictures.  You could also mount it on foam core or something.  The pdf set includes all grades 1-6 each on it’s own 8.5×11 white background.

You can download this free back to school printable here:

free printables online

free back to school printable


If you’re on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest come join me there too.  I love to share tons of daily inspiration.  Thank you for sharing this with your friends on your social media channels!  Sharing makes it possible for me to create more freebies for you.  If you are looking for more free printables we have a whole gallery of them available for you!  You can search for more free back to school printables, or printables for most any other occasion or holiday here.

If you are not starting school for another month or so, just ignore this and pretend you never saw it until you need it in a few weeks. 😉 Go back to your beach and pool days and forget this ever happened. 😉

have a great day!


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Free back to school printable flashcards

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  1. These are a great idea. Did you get my email about the Fall Tour – Check your email, I need to hear from you. Are you in or out?


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