Living Room Ideas: Make Over Update and My Current Favorite Fabrics for Pillows

It’s been a little while since I updated the progress on the house, so I thought I’d share a couple of things that happened this week.  I finally got around to ordering a bunch of fabric samples a few weeks ago and I got happy mail this week!  Yay!!  I have ordered a few pillows already using some of these fabrics for the living room, family room and master bedroom, but I wanted to get samples of everything so that I can make sure everything will work well together.  If you are considering ordering pillows or drapes or anything fabric for that matter, be sure to order samples first.  I know it’s an extra step and sometimes when you are ready to order something, you just want to get it done, (I know, because I am that impatient person!) but, I can’t even tell you how different the samples look on your computer screen.  And it’s not just your screen either.  Each computer screen calibrates the color slightly differently, so you will end up with a few surprises, which is NOT what you want when you order a $100 pillow! YIKES!  Samples are usually available from any shop that makes custom items for just a few dollars.  Money WELL spent!  I ordered swatches from Studio McGee because I’m thinking a few of her gorgeous fabrics will make cute pillows for the bedroom.  They are even cuter in person, and they come wrapped in that cute polka tissue.  It’s like getting a present in the mail!

living room ideas studio mcgee fabrics

I am using navy as the neutral throughout the whole house, and then working in various colors that go with it in each room.  I have an amazing piece of art that I found at HomeGoods, so and it is in navy, a salmon-y pink, and mint green, so those are the color we’re working within the living room.  Here’s a sneak peek of that art piece.  This room is a LONG way from being done, but just having the rug installed and the art hung is exciting!!

living room ideas

Those pillows are older pillows, so they will be replaced with some new ones soon…although the Schumacher fabric matches the painting pretty well…so I might find a way to keep those still.  What do you think of the painting?  I am seriously in love with it!  And my new rug from Pottery Barn is such a nice change from the old chevron rug.

So, what about the pillows?  Here’s another happy package I received this week:

living room ideas

The pillows in the living room will incorporate navy and green mixed with the pink, the master bedroom and family room will both have navy and green along with some black and white.

living room ideas

Like I was mentioning, it is hard to tell on your computer screen, but here is a little about some of these fabrics here in case you are looking for something similar.  These are my current faves and any of these mixed and matched would work well together.

    1. Fig Leaf on White– this is actually the same fabric as #11, the difference is that it is on a white background where #11 is on a more hemp/natural background.  I prefer #11 in this case.
    2. Rajmata Blue/Blue (deeper blue matches the ikat peacock)
    3. Taj Onyx/Ash , heavy weight fabric on a cream background
    4. Deeg Blue/Blue on White
    5. Ananda Indigo
    6. Kantana Jade/Teal
    7. Ebony/Ivory (cream, gray and black)
    8. Key West Check Navy (slightest hint of cream…not pure, pure white)
    9. Andromeda Indigo (LOVE this fabric.  True White background)
    10. Ikat Peacock (SUPER bright, much more so than it looked like on my computer!)
    11. Fig Leaf Faded on Hemp (pretty and pleasing on a natural background)
    12. Carnival Green (hints of light blue and gray along with the blues and greens on a natural background)

What are your favorites?  I am so excited to finally see these in pillow form now!   If you are looking for other design tips and ideas, check out some of our most popular posts:

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Happy designing!


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