New Year’s Eve Party Ideas : Cheers Party Bottles

Earlier this season I was browsing through the Anthropologie website (something I find myself doing often 😉 ) and I found these darling milk bottles that had seasonal sayings on them in gold.  Cute sayings like “cheers” and “sips” that I thought would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve party.  I bookmarked the page so that I could pick some up as New Year’s Eve Party planning got closer.  Well, earlier this week I went back to purchase some and BAM!  They were SOLD OUT! I was so bummed…until I thought about it for a minute and realized that I could recreate this cute party bottle pretty easily with a few supplies that I already had lying around the house.  Want to make some for your own New Year’s Eve party?

new year's eve party

Here’s the easy tutorial:


Plastic Milk Bottles (you can use glass too…the Starbucks bottles work well too if you have those around the house.  Just peel off the label and wa-la!)

Gold Paint Marker

That’s it!


Clean and dry your bottles.  Make sure the surface where you are going to write is completely dry.  Write fun sentiments on your bottle with the gold paint marker. Let dry completely.

Fill bottles with drink of your choice, serve and enjoy!

The Anthropologie version:

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and our homemade version:

new year's eve party

new year's eve party

Pretty cute, right?  Not bad for a minimal investment in both time and supplies.  This is a fun New Year’s Eve party idea!  The gold marker shimmers and shines and has a great glossy metallic finish.

new year's eve party

Looking for other New Year’s Eve party ideas?  Check out our DIY party gallery.  Ooh…and don’t miss our great party appetizers and this YUMMY sparkling cider pound cake…SO good!

Have a great day!

Cheers 2

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