Mother’s Day Table Ideas for a Garden Party

Ashley from Sugar and Soirees is showing us how to put together a cute and budget friendly Mother’s Day table today.

mother's day table Pink Peppermint Design

mother's day table Pink Peppermint Design

Celebrating the everyday is a must and it doesn’t have to break the bank! Today I’m thrilled to share with you a budget friendly (and still crazy beautiful) DIY Mother’s Day Table setting. I love stylish items but I also love cheap prices – Can you guess where I love to shop? Target. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m basically a walking talking ad for their stuff. Oh, you like my __? Yeah, 99.9% chance it’s from Target.

What can I say? They have GREAT stuff! and SO affordable. Like I can afford to get it in every color affordable (sorry hunny). All of the décor for this table (minus the flowers and some DIY projects) came from Target. The flowers came from Trader Joe’s (No Trader Joe’s by you? Check your local Farmer’s Market!) The Utensil Packets and Pom Garland were DIY’d and I’ll have tutorials up for them soon.

mother's day table Pink Peppermint Design

So I promised you this one was done on a budget. I couldn’t believe how affordable it was when I added it all up! So naturally, I checked it 2 more times – it’s the civil engineer in me – and here are the results:

Table Setting: $.68/person (YES you read that right)
Vase + Flowers: $4.50/each
Decorations: $11.16 total

Which means a table with 8 place settings cost a whopping $21.11

mother's day table Pink Peppermint Design

Still don’t believe me? Well let me break down the Out-of-Pocket Costs :

Flowers – $5.99 from Trader Joe’s (Bouquet easily split into 2 vases)
Aqua Mason Jar Vases – $3.00 from Target (Pack of 2 in the Dollar Spot)
Chevron Paper Cups – $1 from Target (Pack of 8 in the Dollar Spot)
Polka Dot Dessert Paper Plates – $1 from Target (Pack of 8 in the Dollar Spot)
Yellow Paper Plates – $2.99 from Target (Value Pack of 60 in the Party Supply
Pink Plastic Cutlery – $2.00 from Target (10 of each utensil in the Party
Supply Section)
6” White Doilies – $3.99 from Party City (Pack of 40)
Yellow Gingham Cardstock – $0.66 ($0.33/sheet that makes 4 packs per sheet)
Yarn – $4.76 from Michaels (4 colors at $1.19/each)
Embroidery Thread – $0.40 from Michaels
Lanterns – $3 from Target (Pack of 3 on clearance)
Honeycomb Balls – $3 from Target (Pack of 3 on clearance)

That gives us a grand total of $31.46 out-of-pocket

mother's day table Pink Peppermint Design

That’s for 8 place settings + 2 vases of flowers + extra supplies to do it again and again. What did I tell you? Crazy affordable right?! So get it in every color. Just kidding But seriously, entertaining on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! Let me know how you entertain on a budget in the comments and stay posted for those DIY tutorials!

Aren’t those silverware pockets that Ashley made adorable?  You can find the DIY tutorial for them here so you can add them to your own Mother’s Day Table.

Happy Entertaining!



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