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Download these free printable tags and make this cute homecoming proposal idea in just minutes!

I realize I’m a little late to the game this year, Homecoming has been happening at schools all over for the last few weeks, and dances will wrap up here in the coming weeks, which means most Homecoming proposals have already happened. But, if you’re still looking for a cute homecoming proposal idea, let me share this one with you! 🙂 I actually meant to add this to the blog last year, but then homecoming wasn’t happening…eek…and then I just forgot. I am terrible about that sometimes. A couple of years ago Andy needed a fun idea to ask a cute girl at school to Homecoming. It’s wild to say that because it feels like it was just yesterday!

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cute homecoming proposal idea

Pinatas are always full of fun surprises, so I thought, why not fill a pinata with candy and a bit of a puzzle and make it a fun way to ask someone to a dance?! Who wouldn’t love getting asked to a dance with a fun activity and a bunch of candy? We ran to the local party store and picked one up. I modified this birthday tag I made a bit ago and we had a cute homecoming proposal (I still think it’s funny that they are called that) A pinatas are easy to find at your local party store, Target, Amazon and Walmart carry them too. Grab an inexpensive bag of candy and print out these free printable homecoming tags and you’re all set!

cute homecoming proposal ideas

This is seriously SO easy! I’m including two sizes of tags here for you, one that will work for either size. Andy wrote one letter of his name on four pieces of candy that went into the pinata. His date had to break open the pinata, collect the candy, find the pieces with letters on them, and then solve the puzzle and figure out who’s name was on the candy. 

cute homecoming proposal ideas

I snapped these quick pictures with my phone on our way out the door to drop off the pinata, so it’s kind of hard to see the tag, but you can see what it looks like here:

cute homecoming proposal ideas

Fortunately, Andy’s date had a big tree in front of her house so it made it easy to hang the pinata in an easy to see place right in front of the window. When she got home, it was hard to miss!

cute homecoming proposal ideas

Love that cute boy of mine so much! 😉 Doesn’t that look fun in the tree? If you want to get this cute homecoming proposal idea printable, you can sign up for our newsletter and get access to my free printable library.

cute homecoming proposal ideas

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I put these together for you all in a printable Homecoming Tags PDF that is super easy to download and print out. When you print our free printables, or have them printed, be sure to do it on 110lb (or heavier) white cardstock.  I use this for all of my printables when I print them at home.

I hope you can put this homecoming proposal to good use with those teenagers in your house!

Have a great day!


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cute homecoming proposal idea

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