Kid’s Food Ideas : An Easy Way to Make Summer Popsicles Mess Free

With summer days and lots of little messy hands headed our way, I decided to share this quick and easy way to help keep messes at bay!  I always love finding kid’s food ideas both that make my life easier and more fun.  During the summer months my little Ash has a “popsicle a day” rule (if I didn’t have that rule, she’s ask me for them all day!) so this is a popular tip in our house.

kids food ideas Pink peppermint Design

kid's food ideas DIY party food ideas Pink Peppermint Design

All you need is a few spare cupcake liners and some scissors.

kid's food ideas Pink Peppermint Design

Turn the liners inside out, fold them in half, and snip about a 1/4 inch cut in the center of the liners.  Slip them onto your popsicle sticks and you’re set! 🙂

kid's food ideas Pink Peppermint Design

kid's food ideas popsicle ideas Pink Peppermint Design

Hopefully this kid’s food idea will make your life easier and those little popsicle eating hands cleaner! Plus, it looks cute, so you can’t be mad about that. 😉

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Have a great day!


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